Research and Thesis

In addition to the required honors core courses, you will conduct undergraduate research with the guidance of a faculty mentor, which for many students is the highlight of their college career. You will participate in a minimum of two quarters of research, which culminates in the production of an honors thesis, creative project, or publication-quality paper. Many Campuswide Honors students choose to participate in upper division school or major honors programs in fulfillment of this requirement.

Campuswide Honors Thesis Support Seminars
The Campuswide Honors Collegium offers a set of research courses that provides honors students who are not participating in an upper division school or major honors program with extra support during the honors thesis process: University Studies H176A (Fall) and H176C (Spring). [Note: These courses do not replace the required two quarters of research with your thesis advisor.]

  • University Studies H176A:
    Fall quarter, 2 units pass/no pass
    This course will help you identify, understand, refine, and then become proficient describing the goals of your research and its background. You will learn about the research process, and work to create a research plan, and an abstract or prospectus that can become the basis for your introduction. In-class discussion, peer edits and feedback will offer the kind of support you would have in a research group.
  • University Studies H176C:
    Spring quarter, 2 units pass/no pass
    This course is designed to help you with the process of working on your thesis. After working on your research and writing during winter quarter under the guidance of your thesis advisor, this class will focus on polishing and refining what you have written. The course will also help you learn to prepare and present an oral presentation of your thesis. There is no prerequisite to enroll in this course.

More Information:
Campuswide Honors Research/Thesis and Senior Year Handbook.