There are two ways through which students may join Campuswide Honors:

  1. Freshman Selection Some entering freshmen are invited to Campuswide Honors while in their senior year in high school based on their UC Irvine Admissions Application. Students are selected by faculty in the UCI School of the student’s major. Invitation letters are sent in the spring and are conditional upon the students’ acceptance by UCI Admissions and completion of the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement before students begin their coursework in the fall. See requirements for invited students here.
  2. By Application Current (continuing) students at UCI may apply to join Honors if they have completed one quarter or more as a full-time student (12 graded units), with a 3.5 GPA or higher. (Please note that students who are admitted to Honors often have GPAs higher than the minimum required for consideration.) All applicants must have also completed the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement. We recommend that you apply after you have completed at least one quarter of Humanities Core or Writing 50 (formerly 39B) and 60 (formerly 39C) for a letter grade. Fill out the application form at Please answer all essay questions thoroughly, and don’t forget to submit the required course plan! (Select the For Current UCI Students menu option to the left for further information about filling out the application.) Students are expected to enroll in required honors core courses within one quarter of being admitted to the program.
  3. Application Deadlines

Students are encouraged to apply to the CHC as soon as they are ready. For continuing UCI students, applications are accepted until week 2 of winter quarter of sophomore year. Transfer students are eligible to apply until week 2 of winter quarter of the first year at UCI.

  • For Continuing UCI Students
    • Applications are due annually during Week 2 of Winter Quarter.
    • See application instructions and requirements for current UCI students here.
  • Transfer Students
    • Applications are due in winter quarter of your first year at UCI, by Monday (08:00AM PST) of Week 3.
    • In addition, summer applications will be considered for transfer students prior to entering UCI, using their community college transcript. The deadline is August 1 at 11:59 p.m. (PST)
    • See application instructions and requirements for transfer students here.

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