Honors Study Rooms

Chancellors Club Study Center (The Locus)

In 2004, the Chancellors Club at UC Irvine made a donation for the renovation of 1020AB in Student Services II, commonly known to the students as “The Locus”, a focal point where Honors students gather to study, have coffee hour, and hold council meetings. Along with generous donations from Alumni, friends and honors parents, Campuswide Honors was able to add new computers to the study room, providing valuable computing resources and a nice, quiet, safe environment to study in. The Locus is also where Friday Coffee Hours and CHSC (Campuswide Honors Student Council) meetings will be held throughout the year. It is open for student use M-F, 8 am – 5 pm, unless otherwise noted on the event board posted outside the entrance.

Nordstrom Room: Langson Library

THE NORDSTROM HONORS STUDY ROOM is located on the 4th floor of Langson Library, room 457. The room was recently renovated and has sofas, soft seating, a study table, robust wireless access, and plenty of power outlets for laptops. You may obtain a card-key to access this room from the Langson Loan Desk. Card keys will need to be checked out and renewed quarterly; if lost, the fee for replacement is $10.

Science Libary Study Rooms

The Honors study room in the Science Library is room 483, which has been upgraded to include couches, soft seating, and new tables and chairs. The room also has internet hook ups, electrical outlets for laptops, and wireless access. If this room is full, other (non-honors) study rooms will be available in the Science Library, with no reservations necessary, except for 10th week and finals week. Keys need to be checked out and are available at the Directions Desk, the first desk you see when entering the Science Library. Ask for access to the Honors study room.