Campuswide Honors Creative Works Journal

NARWhat is the Campuswide Honors Creative Works Journal?Neon Anteater Renaissance (NAR), previously titled Not About Reptiles, is the student-led creative works journal of Campuswide Honors. NAR provides quarterly published compilations of honors students’ creative submissions, which range from poems, music, short stories, cartoons, paintings, to photographs and computer graphics.

See past online and print editions at the NAR website.

Why should I get involved?

NAR provides a safe space for you to express yourself and share your work with the honors community. NAR hopes to inspire you and stimulate your own creativity.

As part of the editorial board, you have the opportunity to gain experience with editing/designing publications, event planning, and practicing communication.

Make your mark by joining NAR!

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about NAR, joining the editorial board, and/or submitting your creative work, please email You are also encouraged to attend the NAR unveilings!

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Pronouns: he/him
Leadership Role: NAR Event Coordinator
Other Campus Involvements: CHSC Vice President, Honors Ambassador, UCI Health Patient Experience Intern, Medlife @ UCI Fundraising Chair, SAMS @ UCI Secretary

Hello everybody! My name is Samy (he/him) and I am a third-year Human Biology major and Health Informatics minor. Being a part of the CHC has been one of the most enjoyable and meaningful aspects of my time at UCI, and I currently have the privilege of representing the Honors community as an Honors ambassador, serving as Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC) Vice President, and working with NAR, honors’ creative works journal, as their Event Coordinator. Throughout my involvement with CHC, I have had a great time setting up events with CHSC, competing with other students in Battle of the Brains against the faculty, and enjoying countless incredible experiences with my peers who have helped make the Honors environment so wonderful. Outside of CHC, I participate in the Patient Experience Internship at UCI Medical Center, and I am also involved with Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS @ UCI) and Medlife @ UCI, two organizations that serve to help others through the pathway of medicine. In my spare time, I have fun playing basketball, watching sports highlights, and playing (and oftentimes losing in) Rocket League and Fortnite. I’m extremely excited to continue my involvement with Honors and further connect with all the amazing people in the CHCommunity and beyond!


Pronouns: she/they
Leadership Role: NAR Co-Editor
Other Campus Involvements: Center for Environmental Biology Intern, Dialogue Society Vice President

Hi! My legal name for all this time has apparently been Dieu-Thanh, but I go by Thanh (she/they)! I’m a fourth year Biological Sciences Major who is also the Co-Editor of CHC’s Creative Works Journal, also known as NAR!

I joined the NAR staff because I wanted to encourage everyone to take some time for themselves to stay connected to their creative side. I love seeing people come together to share the things they have been making all quarter and seeing the variety between people’s styles and ideas. Please look at the efforts of our pride and joy here:

I’m from the Little Saigon area, so I’ve been commuting for all four years, but becoming a CHC leader and going to Honor Events has really stopped me from being someone who comes to school, attends classes, and goes home immediately. It’s helped me meet great people, so I hope to meet many more this year! In my free time, I like to play video games, such as Pokemon and Ace Attorney, watch shows like Haikyuu!!, and of course draw and write! Catch me at Coffee Hour and other Honors events (especially NAR events!!), and say hi!


Pronouns: she/they
Leadership Role: NAR Co-Editor
Other Campus Involvements: CHSC President, English Majors’ Association (EMA) Vice President, School of Humanities Peer Academic Advisor, Illuminations social media intern, Learning Assistant (varies by quarter): Illuminations Colloquium (UniStu 43), E9 Shakespeare, Psych Fundamentals 9B/11B

Hello, my name is Rachel (she/they), and I am a third-year English major and Psychological Science minor. I am excited to serve CHC this year as the Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC) President and as one of the co-editors of NAR (Neon Anteater Renaissance, Honors’ creative works journal)! Outside of CHC, my involvements include being Vice President of the English Majors’ Association (EMA), a School of Humanities Peer Academic Advisor, an Illuminations social media intern, and a Learning Assistant, the last of which varies by quarter. For this fall, I am LA’ing for the Illuminations Colloquium (UniStu 43), but I also serve as a Learning Assistant for E9 Shakespeare and Psych Fundamentals 9B/11B. Lastly, I write and illustrate children’s books—it is a great joy of mine!

In my free time, I love reading/writing, listening to music, watching Netflix, styling outfits, and gaming. If you’re interested in learning more about CHSC, NAR, or any organization I’m involved in, please feel free to reach out! I’d love to connect with you at or even see you in-person at a club meeting/event! 🙂