Campuswide Honors Creative Works Journal

NARWhat is the Campuswide Honors Creative Works Journal?Neon Anteater Renaissance (NAR), previously titled Not About Reptiles, is the student-led creative works journal of Campuswide Honors. NAR provides quarterly published compilations of honors students’ creative submissions, which range from poems, music, short stories, cartoons, paintings, to photographs and computer graphics.

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Why should I get involved?

NAR provides a safe space for you to express yourself and share your work with the honors community. NAR hopes to inspire you and stimulate your own creativity.

As part of the editorial board, you have the opportunity to gain experience with editing/designing publications, event planning, and practicing communication.

Make your mark by joining NAR!

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about NAR, joining the editorial board, and/or submitting your creative work, please email You are also encouraged to attend the NAR unveilings!

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Pronouns: She/her/hers
Leadership Role: NAR Event Coordinator
Other Campus Involvements: I am currently a general member of the Genetic Counseling Special Interest Group (GCSIG) at UCI.

Hi! My name is Esha (she/her/hers) and I am a Secretary/Treasurer representative for the Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC). I’m currently a second-year Biological Sciences major but I’m hoping to specialize as a Genetics major starting my junior year! I’m also involved in the Genetic Counseling Special Interest Group (GCSIG) at UCI and am looking to apply for research opportunities next year. After completing my first year of college on Zoom, I was so excited to finally be able to come to campus, make friends, and get involved. I lived in the Middle Earth honors housing during my second year, and I met so many amazing people. I love how everyone is consistently supportive of one another and how we all want each other to succeed! I’m so happy to be a part of the CHSC and I’ve had so many wonderful and insightful experiences with the honors community.


Pronouns: he/him
Leadership Role: NAR Co-Editor
Other Campus Involvements: I am currently involved as a board member in MedLife, a club that helps pre-med students apply to medical school and learn about job opportunities in the medical field. They additionally volunteer to help communities in the form of working in soup kitchens or holding fundraisers for people in need. A large part of my time is dedicated to my honors classes and the CHSC, though I am planning on joining PSA, Open Jam, and potentially MEMO next year.

Hello! My name is Shayan (he/him) and I am an officer for the Neon Anteater Renaissance (NAR) committee in the Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC)! I am currently a third year Human Biology major and Political Science minor, where along with CHSC, I also participate with MedLife, a club which volunteers around communities in need and assists pre-med students in applying to medical school. I originally became involved in CHSC due to a random email I off-handedly saw amid hundreds where, procrastinating on an essay, I applied on a whim. And I am so glad I did! I have met so many nice and incredible people in the committee, and have been exposed to so many new events that have really brought me a closer connection to my fellow honor students and UCI itself as well. NAR, especially, has shown me just how important artistry and expressing oneself can be amid stressful classes, which is why I am proud to be a chair on its committee. Planning events for other students to foster creativity and just a good time is such a rewarding endeavor; I hope anyone who is reading this comes out to any and all NAR events!


Pronouns: she / they
Leadership Role: NAR Marketing Director
Other Campus Involvements: In addition to being a student representative of the NAR committee in the CHSC, I’m also a current LA for ICS 31, as well as a member of Women in Computer Science and Antweavers 🙂

Hello! I’m Adhiti (she/they), a student representative for the Neon Anteater Renaissance! I’m a first-year Computer Science major with a History minor, and I really love ducks. In addition to trying to find the cutest ducks on Instagram, I’m also a learning assistant for introduction to Computer Science, as well as a member of Women in Computer Science and Antweavers. As a student who chose to come UCI because of the Sustainable Societies program in the CHC, I was concerned that I would not find others who were as passionate as I was. However, finding like minded individuals in the CHSC not only gave me a home to explore my interests, but also allowed me to grow as a representative and make meaningful connections. Being part of NAR has been amazing, and I’m excited to continue my work in the committee in the future!


Pronouns: he/him
Leadership Role: NAR Event Coordinator
Other Campus Involvements: Undergraduate Researcher at Abbott Lab, Patient Experience Intern at UCI Health, MEDLIFE@UCI Fundraising Chair, SAMS@UCI Secretary

Hello everybody! My name is Samy (he/him) and I am an incoming fourth-year Human Biology Major and Health Informatics Minor. Being a member of CHC has been one of the most gratifying aspects of my time at UCI, as I have had the privilege of serving as Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC) Vice President, Honors Ambassador, and Event Coordinator for NAR, Honors’ creative works journal. Throughout my involvement with CHC, I have had an amazing time setting up fun and insightful events with CHSC, competing with other students in Battle of the Brains against the faculty/alumni, and enjoying countless incredible experiences with my peers who have helped make the Honors environment so wonderful. Outside of CHC, I participate in pharmacology research with native plants in Dr. Abbott’s lab, and I’m also involved with the Patient Experience internship at UCI Health, and on-campus organizations MEDLIFE and SAMS @ UCI. In my spare time, I have fun playing basketball, watching sports highlights, and gaming with friends. I’m extremely excited to continue my involvement with Honors and help you all out as a 2022-2023 CHC Peer Academic Advisor, and I can’t wait to further connect with everyone in the CHCommunity and beyond!


Pronouns: she/they
Leadership Role: NAR Co-Editor
Other Campus Involvements: English Majors’ Association (EMA) President, Learning Assistant (the specific course varies by quarter), UTeach, research

Hello, my name is Rachel (she/they), and I am a fourth-year English major and Psychological Science minor. I am excited to serve CHC again this year as one of the co-editors of NAR (Neon Anteater Renaissance, Honors’ creative works journal)! Outside of CHC, my involvements include being President of the English Majors’ Association (EMA) and a Learning Assistant. The course that I LA for varies by quarter, but examples include English 9 Shakespeare, Psych Fundamentals 9B/11B, and the Illuminations Colloquium (UniStu 43). I also plan to teach my own UTeach course in the spring, and I am currently working on my senior thesis! In my free time, I love reading (Webtoons)/writing, listening to new music, watching Netflix, styling outfits, and gaming. I’d love to see you at a meeting or event! 🙂