Campuswide Honors is a great place to get started at UCI! The thriving honors community is filled with students of all years, majors, backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Like any vibrant community, Campuswide Honors is at its best when every member engages or contributes in some way. Living in honors housing, taking honors classes, attending Campuswide Honors Students Council meetings, and going to honors events are just a few ways to get involved with this community.

Campuswide Honors also provides many opportunities for honors students to gain and hone leadership experience. There is most likely an honors leadership position for everyone, no matter a student’s past experience or personal interests! New honors leaders benefit from personalized mentorship from more experienced student leaders and staff advisors; experienced honors leaders take on roles of increasing responsibility, work independently, and recruit and nurture new leaders. Honors leaders also are leaders across campus in their school/majors, in ASUCI, on sports teams, on honors societies, and as part of many student clubs and organizations.

Participating in the honors community and in leadership activities empowers students to set and achieve challenging goals, enhances academic studies, helps students learn and use valuable skills in the future (such as problem solving, professionalism, communication, teamwork, intercultural fluency, technology, etc.), and enhances students’ overall experience at UCI. Everyone in this community has something to give and something to learn by actively taking part in it.

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