Peer Mentor Program

Peer Mentors

What is the Peer Mentor Program?The Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor Program pairs each incoming student with a continuing honors student, who serves as a mentor. Mentors help connect new students to Campuswide Honors and the UCI campus by answering questions about student life and referring students to on-campus resources. Honors students interact with their mentors both informally and through planned events like mixers, potlucks and movie nights.

Why should I get involved?

Participation in the Peer Mentor Program often leads to lasting friendships and is a fun way for you to take on a leadership role.

As a peer mentor, you have the chance to share your personal experiences about classes/instructors, research, commuting or living on campus, and ideas for participation and involvement both on campus and in the Honors Program.

You have much to offer to others, so why not pay it forward and become a mentor!

How do I get involved?

Continuing students can apply to be a peer mentor during spring quarter (April/May) of the academic year. If you are interested in learning more about Peer Mentor Program and/or have additional questions, please email


Pronouns: She/Her
Leadership Role: Honors Peer Mentor
Other Campus Involvements: Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor, Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Research Assistant

Hi, my name is Aya (she/her) and I am serving as one of the Collaboration Chairs on the Campuswide Honors Collegium Student Council this year. I was born and raised in Northern California and graduated from high school in San Ramon, CA. Now at UCI, I am pursuing a major in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Neurobiology. I also work as a research assistant at UCI Medical Center for a Lab studying peritoneal carcinomatosis. Academics aside, I enjoy working with incoming Honors students as a peer mentor to assist them in their transition to college life while also getting to know the amazing people that form our community! I’m so excited to be able to put on events for our Honors community and to help foster the formation of relationships between students and guest speakers organically. Overall, I’m looking forward to a great year filled with fun and enriching experiences. I can’t wait to meet you at our events!


Pronouns: she/her
Leadership Role: Honors Peer Mentor
Other Campus Involvements: I’m a member of the CSA. I’ve also had the chance to participate in one of FADA’s winter short films this year. I worked in the Beier Lab as a lab assistant for 7 months, and I’m currently looking for new lab positions for my Junior year.

Hi, my name is Sherry (she/her), and I am the Historian Chair for CHSC this year. I’m a rising Junior with a major in B.S. Psychology and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Besides working with other CHSC officers to publish and promote honors events, I’m also one of the CHC Peer Mentors this year. My academic interests include clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and consulting. Transitioning from online to in-person classes was challenging, especially for someone like me who just declared her major. Thankfully, my friends from CHSC and the amazing CHC advisors offered me great help in this period of hardship. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community and I’m happy to be able to contribute to our CHC family!


Pronouns: she/her
Leadership Role: Honors Peer Mentor
Other Campus Involvements: Honors Ambassador, Collaboration Chair on the CHSC, Honors Peer Mentor, WICS Marketing Committee Member

Hello! My name is Jena (she/her/hers) and I am a third-year undergraduate student studying computer science. Within the Campuswide Honors Collegium, I serve as an Honors Ambassador, Collaboration Chair on the CHSC, and Honors Peer Mentor. Being in the honors program has given me the opportunity to be part of a close-knit community of like-minded individuals. Through honors classes and events, I have been able to meet and form bonds with people who are also similarly driven in their academic pursuits. More importantly, without the CHC, I would not have the friends I have today! I’m grateful to honors for providing me with a supportive community that I can both rely on and be involved in. Outside of school, I enjoy making baked goods in my kitchen, taking care of my house plants, and finding new places to eat.