Honors Humanities Core








Humanities Core is offered as Humanities 1A/H1AS-1B/H1BS-1C/H1CS

This team-taught course introduces you to the Humanities while developing your writing skills as you explore various topics in literature, history, philosophy, and contemporary media around a unifying theme. Over the course of the year, you will read and explore a variety of texts, including books and articles, painting, architecture, and music. Along the way, you will also write essays and learn to use the library for research. Campuswide Honors students have the added benefit of attending honors seminar sections.

HUMAN 1A-1B-1C. Humanities Core Lecture. 4 Units Each.
Through a range of cultural traditions and an interdisciplinary approach to works of literature, history, philosophy, and contemporary media, students are introduced to the humanities.

HUMAN H1AS-H1BS-H1CS. Humanities Core Writing: Honors. 4 Units Each.
For Campuswide Honors students exploring the ideas presented in the companion lecture course and illustrated in the literary, historical, philosophical, and media works assigned.

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