Campuswide Honors offers specially designed seminars on a variety of topics each quarter taught by top UCI faculty. These courses are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and Honors to Honors transfer students in Campuswide Honors on a first come, first served basis. The seminars are worth 4 units each. Campuswide Honors students may take as many of these seminars as they wish, and can even use one of them to substitute for one quarter of an honors core course as designated by Campuswide Honors.
Only one substitution total permitted per student.

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Fall 2018 Seminars

  • Exploring Memory
    Instructor: Professor Sarah Farmer
    Enroll in: Humanities H80
    Questions about human memory are central to a wide range of disciplines. Students will explore how historians, sociologists, social psychologists, legal experts and neuroscientists understand human memory and apply their findings to understand and shape their own societies.
    Credit: GE Category IV, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core
Sarah Farmer
  • How Nations Remember
    Instructor: Professor Anke Biendarra
    Enroll in: Humanities H83
    Just like people, nations select and organize what and how they want to remember. Students in this seminar compare how specific historical events (such as slavery and the Holocaust) are memorialized in various countries and represented in public art works, museums, literature, and film.
    Credit: No GE credit at this time GE Category III, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
Anke Biendarra
  • What is Space
    Instructor: Professor JB Manchak
    Enroll in: LPS H81
    Historical, philosophical, scientific exploration of the concept of “space.” Questions of interest include: What kind of a thing is space? How can we know what space is like? How is space different from time?
    Credit: GE Category II, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core

Winter 2019 Seminars

  • What is Disease
    Instructor: Professor Lauren Ross
    Enroll in: LPS H123
    This course introduces students to scientific “principles” underlying disease causation and explanation-viz. the criteria that scientific explanations are expected to meet and how researchers in biomedicine structure disease explanations to meet such criteria. This subject requires students to understand how scientists in this discipline “approach and solve problems” where these problems are associated with scientist’s goals of identifying what “causes” and “explains” various complicated disease traits.
  • Winter ’19 Syllabus
    Credit: GE Category II, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core.
Lauren Ross
  • Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
    Instructor: Professor Jeffrey Barrett
    Enroll in: LPS H141
    An examination of the standard von Neumann-Dirac formulation of quantum mechanics. The quantum measurement problem is discussed along with several proposed solutions, including GRW, many-worlds, man-minds, and Bohm’s theory.
    Credit: No GE, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core
Jeff Barrett
    • What is Time?
      Instructor: Professor Jim Weatherall
      Enroll in: LPS H125
      This seminar will examine how scientists, philosophers, and artists have thought about and tried to represent time over the last ~2500 years, by studying historical and contemporary scholarly work, literature, film, and physical theories.
      Credit: GE Category III, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.

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James Weatherall
  • The Philosophy and Biology of Sex
    Instructor: Professor Cailin O’Connor
    Enroll in: LPS H91
    Covers the origins of biological sex, dynamics of sexual selection, the evolution and cultural creation of sexual behavior in humans, and the construction of gender in human societies.
    Credit: GE Categories II or III, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core OR Science Core (not both).
Cailin O'Connor

Spring 2019 Seminars

  • Ethics, Technology, and Design
    Instructor: Professor Katie Salen Tekinbas
    Enroll in: IN4MATX H80 H81
    The seminar seeks to provide students with a critical framework for understanding how and why biases of many kinds are built into the digital tools we use daily. Through the study of a series of case studies drawn from the domains of machine learning, Computer Science education, engineering, social media, and criminal justice students will be challenged to reflect on the relationships between ethics, technology and design.
    Credit: GE Category II III credit, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core.
Katie Tekinbas
  • Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law
    Instructor: Professor Kyle Stanford
    Enroll in: LPS H95
    Applies competing theories of the nature of law and legal reasoning to evaluate decisions of the U.S Supreme Court in controversial areas of constitutional law such as free speech, privacy, sexual conduct, affirmative action, and political campaign contributions.
    Credit: GE Category III credit, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
Kyle Stanford
  • The Impact of World War I on Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and other Sciences
    Instructor: Professor Virginia Trimble
    Enroll in: Physics H80
    Introduction to science in 1914 and WWI. Participants in groups of two or three will pick a preferred science; find out what happened to it during and after the war; write reports and present what they learned.
    Credit: GE Category II, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core.
Virginia Trimble

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