Unemployment in Los Angeles County


This proposal serves as guidance in addressing the issue of connecting low-income residents of Los Angeles County to employment opportunities. Specifically, identifying underserved groups in need of assistance finding stable work and constructing a mechanism to fulfill that need. In LA County, a disproportionately high share of the unemployed population are BIPOC or lack a highschool degree. As a result of systemic failures in our education system, these individuals often lack the skills necessary to obtain a secure job. Many low income individuals face limited access to reliable forms of transportation, which is essential when trying to address the spatial mismatch between where employment is and where low-income workers reside. Access to reliable transportation impacts people’s ability to obtain and maintain a working status. Obtaining work which provides a stable, livable income is essential when making more sustainable decisions, as sustainable solutions and options require the ability to afford sustainable alternatives and resources. In an effort to address these issues, this proposal suggests the establishment of a program which will provide job training, Unemployment Insurance, and grants for low-income residents of LA County, as a means of improving equity and access to jobs that can provide a living wage across different socioeconomic groups. Participants of the program will receive Unemployment Insurance payments for the duration of their time training in a new career, and upon completion of the training they will receive grant money to ease the transition back into the workforce and provide direct assistance for the purpose of accessing jobs. The primary source of funding for this program will be taxes designed to incentivize maintaining employees for longer periods of time. Such a program will have positive external results in increasing human capital within Los Angeles such as: boosting tax revenues, public health, and labor productivity.