Housing-First Approach in Orange County


This report proposes a potential solution to homelessness in Orange County, California, centered on a Housing-First Approach. A significant proportion of the homeless population in Orange County is unsheltered, and they are much more likely to face additional challenges such as mental and physical disabilities in comparison to sheltered homeless people. To provide support to those most in need, temporary supportive housing development will be constructed and tailored for certain demographics. Specifically, our housing project will serve unhoused families/mothers with children, a demographic that faces unique barriers and is at higher risk for sexual abuse, trauma, and substance use disorders. Our intention is to make housing more accessible for this population and remove existing barriers to finding affordable housing in Orange County. In order to secure enough funding to meet our goals, we will utilize grants and financial support from cities surrounding the Santa Ana area. Our initial funding goal totals to 10 million dollars, with additional annual funding of 2 million dollars to conduct upkeep and maintenance of the physical building and compensate the facility’s staff.