Equal Access Charging Improving Access to Electric Vehicle Charging in San Diego


Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more integral in California’s private and public transportation sectors. With the need to transition away from gas power to reduce carbon emissions, EVs are becoming a cleaner solution for sustainable transportation and energy. California’s increasing transition to electric-powered vehicles indicates a growing need for EV charging infrastructure. The installation of EV charging stations, however, needs to be accessible to the public and equitable to all communities to increase accessibility. In order to facilitate a
project that accommodates the growing rate of EVs in San Diego and increases EV charging accessibility and equity, we propose a partnership with San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) to instate the “Equal Access Charging” program to install 70,000 AC level two dual-port charging stations within multi-family housing units by 2030. These charging stations will be installed in underserved areas and communities of San Diego to further increase access to EV charging infrastructure, and therefore provide the structural groundwork required for more EV purchases.