Your Gifts at Work: CHP Students Attend Honors Conference

CHP Students with Senior Honors Advisor, Mary Gillis, at WRHC

UCI Honors students and staff contemplated the meaning of the conference theme “Honors in an Age of Uncertainty” at the 2018 Western Regional Honors Conference, held at Chapman University on April 14 & 15. Highlights from this enlightening, thought-provoking, and informative weekend included seeing CHP students in action, presenting their research and being recognized for their creative work.

Cristian Cortez (Psychology & Social Behavior ’18) was selected to lead a session regarding perpetuating bias. His presentation specifically reviewed his honors research into “fake news” and illuminated the challenges that many have separating fact from fiction when “news” is delivered from a familiar (and preferred) source. His advice: educate yourself about the issues by listening to many sides and read widely.

Pooya Khosravi (Biomedical Engineering: Premedical and Computer Science double major) presented a poster on research he is doing with other CHP students regarding using an Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality) headset to help patients deal with vestibular dysfunction issues, such as maintaining balance and controlling eye movements.

Shelby Petty (Bus Econ) was recognized at a reception for the WRHC’s creative works journal, Scribendi. Her digital photograph, “Ghostly Visions,” was selected for publication in the 2018 journal, which features works from honors students throughout the nation.

The generous support of alumni and donors allowed the CHP to sponsor a total of five undergraduate students to attend this conference.

“I am so grateful that I was able to attend the Western Regional Honors Conference this year. It was an inspirational event, and there were so many great workshops. I was able to attend a session about the prescription of opioids for children and another one about the suicide rates for adults. As someone going into public health, I was able to learn about topics that I would have never thought about, and I am glad that I am aware of these issues going forward. Thank you very much for sponsoring me to go to this conference! I can’t wait to apply what I learn at the WRHC to my professional career and outside of the lecture hall.” Tien To, CHP student, Public Health Sciences

Capping off the conference was a keynote address by scholar and activist Angela Davis, who entreated attendees to believe in their own ability to make a significant, positive impact.

“Even when it appears unlikely, it is important to maintain a sense that sometime in the future – it may not be soon – but we have to act as if it were possible to transform the world. And we have to do it now.” Angela Davis