The CHC Wishes Associate Dean for Honors Ted Wright a Happy Retirement!

Professor Ted Wright of Cognitive Sciences, the CHC’s Associate Dean for Honors, retired from UCI at the end of June. Having served the CHC for over 10 years, Ted had a major impact on the CHC in a variety of different areas. 

Ted was first appointed Faculty Director of the (then) Campuswide Honors Program (CHP) in 2012. As Faculty Director, he was a fierce advocate for the program and worked with the CHP team to plan the new strategic direction of the unit as it continued to grow. He was an integral leader in the transformation of CHP as we worked toward establishing the program as an honors college, which was accomplished in 2019 when the CHP was renamed the Campuswide Honors Collegium (CHC). That same year, Ted was named Interim Associate Dean and eventually became CHC’s inaugural Associate Dean in 2021. 

Under Ted’s leadership, the CHC has grown to become one of the premier university honors programs in the nation. Ted has led the charge in launching the CHC’s new Sustainable Societies curriculum, moving the CHC to the new Student Excellence Center on the fifth floor of the UCI Science Library, and promoting initiatives that have increased the CHC’s diversity by 200% over the last five years.

Ted has mentored and inspired CHC students and alumni, has written countless letters of recommendation, particularly providing helpful advice to those about to graduate, and recent alumni. Ted also made a point of attending and participating in CHC events like Coffee Hour, Battle of the Brains trivia contest, and most recently CH Chopped (acting as the hyper-critical judge who is the nemesis of the contestants on all of these shows). Ted is an enthusiastic camper and outdoorsperson, and attended CHC camping retreats, where he led hikes, and was famous for cooking real eggs (not powdered ones!) for the students at Sunday morning breakfast. Students know him for his plaid shirts and black cowboy hat, and honored him at a special Week 10 coffee hour. In June, the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning hosted a retirement party, which was attended by faculty, staff, and alumni. 

We thank Ted for his unwavering commitment to the CHC community, including our exceptional students and alumni. Please join us as we wish Ted the best as he moves on to his next adventure!