Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Education Abroad (UCEAP) and Independent Programs

Honors students are strongly encouraged to consider the option of studying abroad, especially through the Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and/or the Independent Programs, as part of their undergraduate experience. Housed in UCI’s Study Abroad Center, these programs offer UCI students the opportunity to take advantage of the many worldwide opportunities that exist for study, work, internships, volunteering, and research. Participating in an international educational experience typically introduces students to ways of thinking different from their own, broadens their understanding of the historical and contemporary worlds, sharpens their interest in particular fields, and enhances their overall intellectual development. Students can study/work abroad for a quarter, a semester, over the summer, or for an entire academic year. In addition, category VIII may be satisfied by one quarter’s participation in the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) or one quarter’s participation in an Independent Program with an approved contract. Summer study abroad may also satisfy this requirement if it meets certain specifications that you will need to confirm with your major advisor. Studying abroad may also offer an opportunity to complete an entire GE or school language requirement. Check with a counselor at the Study Abroad Center to determine which programs/countries may allow you to fulfill these requirement. 1100 Student Services II; telephone: (949) 824-6343; email: