Staff Spotlight: Darren Warner

Darren Warner is the newest advisor for Campuswide Honors students. July 15 will mark his one year anniversary working with Honors.

Darren enjoys creatively bringing people together. His passion for building community—whether that be within his soccer team or arts community—has led to him joining the Campuswide Honors Collegium community. As an Honors staff member, Darren supports honors students through advising and by collaborating with the Honors leaders including the Campuswide Honors Student Council, Peer Mentor Program, and Neon Anteater Renaissance (the CHC Creative works journal). 

Darren supports honors students in various ways, yet the most rewarding part for him is getting to know the students. “It’s great to be able to connect with a smaller population of students who are intellectually curious with vast interests.” Getting to know and build personal connections with students is why Darren’s proudest initiative is the annual Honors Camping Retreat, an experience in which students and staff can bond with camping. 

His most important piece of advice for students is to, “Get involved! It’s really easy to feel disconnected from college and just go through the motion of only attending class. College is the time to explore your interests, discover who you are as an individual, and develop experience that will help you achieve your goals. The first step could be as easy as attending a club meeting or showing up for an event. Honors makes it easy for students to find opportunities to get involved by sending out our weekly CHC newsletter.”