Christina Treble

I just can’t leave UCI! I began my career as an anteater back in 2002. I got involved in CHSC, I worked for Middle Earth Housing, I started a creative journal with a fellow CHP-er, I designed props and costumes for several school and student productions, and I was involved in CHP in several other capacities, not the least of which was Peer Academic Advisor for the program in my senior year.

I graduated from UCI in 2006 with my degree in Drama and a minor in Educational Studies, then immediately took on a position working for the Undecided/Undeclared Advising Program, where I advised students on all that UCI has to offer. Happily, in May, 2012, I was given the privilege to return home to the CHP as an academic counselor.

I grew up in Modesto, California and by the end of high school, I was only too happy to avail myself of the coastal location and beautiful weather in Orange County. I still live here with my partner, Chris. He’ll be coming out to lots of events, so make sure to say hi when you see him!

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, reading, watching TV, blogging, shopping, spending time with friends, and finding new restaurants. I love to chat and am always happy to meet new people, so please come by and say hello. My door is open to you!