Christina Hughes

Hello! My name is Christina (2).I graduated from UCI in the completely normal, not-at-all notable year of 2020! While it took me a few years to finally decide on a major, I left with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Journalism. That program was one of the best choices I have ever made. Lucky that I found it accidentally by signing up for a journalism class as a GE! You never know what you’ll find at UCI. It is important to me that I help students be informed about just how many options are available to them (on that note, follow us on Instagram @ ucirvinehonors for resources and events).

As a student, I worked with the SOAR center, the FRESH Basic Needs Hub, the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and AntMedia. The last time I had a collection this consistent I was ten years old, collecting Pokemon cards. I am so grateful for the opportunities UCI continues to present and am excited to be joining the CHC community!

Whenever you see posts on one of our social media accounts, there is a 50% chance it was me, but a 100% was a Christina! In addition to helping Christina Treble with social media, I will be updating the site, composing the CHC newsletter, and doing anything else that needs to be done.

After hours, you can find me baking, running, hiking, drawing, or watching reality tv with my roommates. I will be working most of the time remotely, but if you ever see me around the office come say hi!