Amalia Navarro

Hi CHC! I’m the other behind-the-scenes Advising Assistant and I’m really happy to be back at UCI as a staff member!

I’m a recent Spring 2023 graduate majoring in Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in Digital Arts. I joined the CHC in the spring quarter of my freshman year and I became involved my sophomore year as a Peer Mentor. Being a Peer Mentor made me realize how much I love helping other students navigate UCI and its resources, so I applied to be a Peer Academic Advisor going into my junior year. I was a Peer Academic Advisor during both my junior and senior years, and I’m so grateful to have worked alongside the CHC staff and met so many amazing students!

Outside of CHC, I was involved in other campus organizations like UCI’s Video Game Development Club, KUCI News, and the New University. I love anything and everything creative, especially audio and music, so these clubs were a huge part of my life in undergrad.

Other interests of mine include coffee (salted caramel anything is my favorite at the moment!), cats (I was once a huge dog person, but now I’ve seen the light), collecting records and CDs (I love both, but I lean more towards CDs), and playing games on my Nintendo Switch (I love the new maps on Mario Kart!).

I’m really excited to continue working with the CHC and supporting students on their personal journeys at UCI!