Priority Enrollment

Since Honors students are required to enroll in a specific Honors class each quarter over a three-year span, the University has granted them priority enrollment status so that they can plan a full schedule of classes around the Honors curriculum. This means that Honors students are assigned early enrollment windows on WebReg and, if used in a timely way, students should be able to enroll in the courses they need (and qualify for) during this initial enrollment period (up to 18 units). The Registrar’s office raises the 18 unit cap to 20 units. Check the Registrar’s Calendar for the specific date when this happens. Enrolling in more than 20 units requires permission from your school/major advisor.

Priority enrollment does not mean that you are guaranteed courses: you must use your early enrollment window soon after it opens, or you will lose your priority; other students’ windows begin opening a few hours/days later. As other students begin to enroll in classes, spaces are utilized and classes become full. Some required Honors classes feature small class sizes as determined UCI policies or room size.

There is no priority at any other time (i.e., during the adjustment window, for waiting lists, or if you lose your classes for not paying fees on time). Honors students who wish to enroll in major restricted classes may not be able to do so during their priority window. Therefore, it is strongly recommend that you always have a back-up plan (alternate classes and/or class times) as you are not guaranteed to get your first choice of every class/section.