Nothing is Automatic

UCI General Catalogue. You should become thoroughly familiar with the information contained in the General Catalogue which pertains to your school/major and the requirements to graduate. The Catalogue is available exclusively online and it is in your best interest to take some time familiarizing yourself with it. The information in the Catalogue will be useful throughout your academic career at UCI.

Online Schedule of Classes (WebSOC) is always the most up-to-date version of course listings and changes. Read this carefully, especially the notes and comments before individual class listings (like General Chemistry) or course restrictions for an individual course. Make note of the various dates and deadlines listed on the Registrar’s website.

Learning & Academic Resource Center (LARC). Take advantage of various free workshops (e.g., time management, stress management, procrastination, multiple choice test-taking, test anxiety, etc.) offered through this office. Remember good study habits are not inherent but learned! Anteater Learning Pavilion, Room 3500; telephone: (949) 824-6451.

Student Responsibilities

Forms. Most forms you will use while at UCI are available in your school’s undergraduate counseling/student affairs office.

Current/local address. Remember to keep both the Registrar’s Office and the Campuswide Honors Collegium apprised of your local (school) mailing address and phone number. Costly delays can sometimes result if we don’t know how to contact you.

WebReg, priority enrollment, and enrolling in Honors classes. When registering with WebReg, it is imperative that you pay attention to when your enrollment window opens. This information is available via WebReg. The dates (when you can log in to find out when your enrollment window opens) are always on the Registrar’s quarterly calendar. By registering when your window opens, or soon after, you will have priority during this initial enrollment window for the classes you need and for which you qualify. If you wait too long, you will lose this priority and may not get the necessary classes. Watch for important messages via CHC-News as to how and when to register for honors classes. Those with unusual scheduling difficulties need to work closely with the Honors staff to make sure you get into the classes you’ll need.

Add/Drop/Change. Adds, drops, and changes are modifications made to your course enrollment. These modifications can be made via WebReg during the Enrollment by Window and Open Enrollment periods. Each modification type is subject to a specific deadline, as outlined below.

Add – This is used to enroll in classes or set additional classes to your schedule. Available through the end of the 2nd week of instruction. Please note that each academic unit may set the add deadline earlier than week 2 as necessary.
Drop – This is used to remove classes from your schedule. Available through the end of the 2nd week of
instruction. Please note that each academic unit may set the drop deadline earlier than week 2 as necessary.
Change – This is used to modify the number of units for variable unit classes, and/or exchanging between the grade option and pass/not pass (P/NP) option for any class that permits the option. Available through the end of the 2nd week of instruction. Please note that each academic unit may set this deadline earlier than week 2 as necessary.

If you need to make a change after these deadlines, you must do so by requesting an Enrollment Exception. To begin, click on the Applications tab in StudentAccess and select Enrollment Exceptions. Choose the appropriate enrollment action in order to petition for an exception. Click here to view a chart of deadlines and procedures.

Quarterly, the deadline to submit an Enrollment Exception request is 5 p.m. on the last day of instruction.


Final Examinations. Your final exam schedule is listed on your study list, both in WebReg and on Student Access. Usually, your final exam will be given in the room in which your class met, but it might NOT be at the same time. If your instructor plans to give a final exam at a time other than that published in your study list, it should be announced during the first two weeks of class. NOTE: while most course final times are set according to the day/time for the lecture, Humanities Core sets its exams according to the day/time of the seminar section. In addition, there is only one final for Humanities Core.

Transcripts/Grades. Transcripts are never mailed. You may pick up a free copy at the Registrar’s Office a few weeks after each quarter ends. You are responsible for checking your transcript each quarter. If you find any errors, initiate action to correct them as soon as possible. Most changes must be made within one quarter. For example, NRs are temporary grades given when an instructor does not have enough information to give you a grade or an Incomplete. An NR automatically changes to an F if not changed after one subsequent quarter of enrollment — and it is almost impossible to change after that time. ALL DEADLINES ARE ENFORCED.

Repeating Courses. Most UCI courses cannot be repeated unless you have earned a deficient grade (NP, C-, D+, D, D-, or F). Check with your academic counselor or the UCI General Catalogue to see if a course is repeatable

Advance Contracts. It is important to check with your school before taking courses off campus. It is up to each academic unit to decide for its own majors whether specific off campus courses will fulfill major, minor, General Education, and/or elective requirements. Complete an advance contract form BEFORE taking courses at another college or university; otherwise, transferability and credit are not guaranteed. This is true for study abroad as well. California community colleges have articulation agreements available on

Readmission. When you do not attend UCI for one quarter or more, or attend for part of a quarter and withdraw, reenrollment at UCI (and in the Campuswide Honors) is not automatic. You must pay a fee and file an Application for Readmission by the following deadlines:

FALL, August 1

WINTER, November 1

SPRING, February 1

You should also email the Honors Office, requesting readmission to the Honors Collegium at the same time.

When you seek readmission at UCI after being absent for more than three consecutive quarters, you are subject to ALL requirements (General Education and degree) in effect at the time of readmission.

Graduation. Graduation is NOT automatic. You need to file an application for graduation through Student Access at least two quarters prior to the date you wish to graduate. Deadlines for applying for graduation are different for every school, so make sure you file yours ON TIME. Late applications may delay your intended date of graduation and students who graduate after Spring quarter will not be considered for Latin honors and awards until the following year.