Library Privileges

Study Rooms for Honors students ONLY
Both the Langson Library and the Science Library have study rooms specially designated for Honors student use.

The Nordstrom Honors Study Room in Langson Library is located on the 4th floor. It has sofas, cushioned chairs, a study table, wireless access, and plenty of power outlets for laptops. You may obtain a card key to access this room from the Langson Library Check Out Desk. Card keys will need to be checked out and renewed quarterly; if lost, a fee will be assessed to replace the key.

The Honors Study Room in the Science Library is located on the 4th floor. The room has couches, soft seating, and tables and chairs. The room also has power outlets for laptops. You may obtain a key to access this room from the Science Library Check Out Desk, the first desk you see when entering the library through the main entrance.

These Honors Study Rooms are primarily for group study but, if available, can also be used for small group meetings. The same library rules apply in the study rooms as in the libraries in general: snack foods and beverages in spill-proof containers with secure lids are permitted and no excessive noise-making. If someone is misusing the room, either report it to the Check Out Desk or be assertive and ask them to stop or leave. A noisy or trashed room is of no use to anyone, and Honors may lose access to these rooms if they are misused or abused. ONLY HONORS students may access these rooms.

Extended Borrowing Privileges
Honors students are able to check out books from the UCI libraries for 90 days (the same loan period afforded to graduate students, as opposed to 28 days for non-honors undergraduate students) as well as make unlimited Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests. It is NOT a good idea to let others check out library materials on your card.