Honors to Meet You: A Virtual Success!

As part of the CHC’s ongoing commitment to build the honors community and provide high quality mentoring opportunities for CHC students and alumni, the Campuswide Honors Alumni Chapter hosts an annual networking event to connect current honors students with alumni in a diverse array of career fields.  This year’s event was the first remote version of Honors to Meet You, and enabled CHC alumni and students spread throughout the country to connect and discuss the fields of medicine, academia, tech, engineering, policy, law and more.  Thank you to all of the alumni who participated and we look forward to offering many more events like this in the future!

Student responses:

“The most valuable takeaway from Honors to Meet You was getting to hear the different challenges and stories from alumni. It reinforced the need to stay flexible in attaining goals and to not get frustrated by setbacks.”

“Honors to Meet You gave me the motivation to keep going and I realized I will eventually get where I want to get.”