Giving Day Thank You

All of us at the Campuswide Honors Collegium extend a heartfelt thank you to our alumni that made a gift on UCI Giving Day in support of our Honors students and programs. This year we had over 100 alumni and friends participate, and not only met the $50,000 challenge, but raised an additional $10,315 for the CHC. All of the funds raised will directly support the students and resources they use including things like Coffee Hour, scholarships and personalized advising. If you missed UCI Giving Day, you can still make a gift by visiting We are also excited that our Honors for Honors campaign is off to a great start. So far we have had 96 alumni participate with the classes of 2015-2019 in the lead. Remember to tell your friends and see if you can help get your class in the lead. 


96 alumni

Class Year Giving Day Donors
90-94 9
95-99 11
00-04 16
05-09 18
10-14 16
15-19 22
20+ 4