Dean Golob Reflects on His First Fall Quarter

Dean Golob stands in the middle of a classroom, speaking and gesturing to new CHC transfer students

Since coming to UCI, I’ve worked with many CHC students. They’ve been standouts across my criminology, law and society courses, often setting the bar for what it means to be an engaged college student. I’ve also served as the faculty mentor for over a dozen CHC students’ honors research and theses, continually being impressed by their commitment to methodological rigor and tackling some of our most challenging contemporary social justice topics. In sum, I knew that CHC students were academically impressive and my first quarter as CHC Associate Dean has confirmed that. What I didn’t know, but discovered quickly in my new role, is that their gifts go beyond the strictly intellectual. Interacting with them at a variety of events such as coffee hour has shown me that they’re creative, compassionate, and committed to our CHC community.

Speaking of our CHC community, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and working alongside our wonderful staff this past quarter. At the outset of my appointment, I dubbed this my year of “listening and learning” and I’m grateful that I did because there is much to be learned from this dynamic team. They’re smart, dependable, and don’t shy away from challenges. I saw these qualities at play throughout this quarter of change – a new dean, a new contract for academic workers, and more. I wish I could highlight all that I’ve learned from them but will simply share this: at the start of each of our staff meetings, they prioritize checking in about health and wellness. This is often about relevant programming on campus, but it’s also about how we can best take care of ourselves, each other, and our students. What an important moment for our shared humanity.

Lastly, I’ve started getting to know some of you, our esteemed alumni, this past quarter. We’ve chatted at alumni coffee hour, attended development meetings together, and celebrated our community at Lauds & Laurels. I’m grateful for these moments we’ve shared and look forward to the ones to come. I also know there’s many more of you out there, so let’s connect! We’ll have a celebratory CHC event at UCI Homecoming Weekend on Saturday, March 2nd and you’re all invited to join. Whether it’s there, at another event, or in a virtual space, I can’t wait to hear about what CHC means to you. I look forward to listening and learning.