Coffee Hour

Honors sponsors weekly “coffee hours,” which are held each Friday morning from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in The Locus (Student Excellence Center, 508 Science Library). This is a relaxed, social time/place for Honors students, Honors faculty, and staff to connect and discuss what has been happening — in classes, on campus, and in the world at large. Each “coffee hour” includes a special program, so watch for announcements of upcoming events! Donuts, bagels, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and juice are available for FREE. There are no time requirements, so come when you can and stay as long as you want!

We encourage you to invite your faculty to coffee hours. This provides you with a great opportunity to learn more about them outside of class and they can meet other students in the Collegium as well. If you choose to do this, however, make sure you are there to meet/greet them. It helps to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Honors organizes one designated faculty coffee hour each quarter and invites faculty to attend. Make sure the peer academic advisors know who you would like to invite; it has been highly successful in the past and some students have even met their future research faculty advisor through this event.