Frequently Asked Questions for UC Irvine’s Fall 2019 Incoming Freshman Class

How do I arrange for academic advising?

Summer orientation and academic advising are required of all incoming UCI freshmen in order to enroll in classes. In addition, Campuswide Honors will hold a required special advising program for honors students on (or prior to) the first day of each SPOP, before the regular orientation program begins. Both Campuswide Honors advising AND school/major advising are required in order to continue with Campuswide Honors and enroll in fall quarter classes.

In order to arrange for summer orientation and academic advising, please review the information on the UCI Orientation website and complete Anteater ZOT Start. More information will be emailed to you from UCI and Campuswide Honors regarding how to sign up for summer orientation and academic advising.

Most Campuswide Honors students attend the Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) to complete their mandatory orientation and advising, although international students who cannot attend SPOP are required to attend International Student Orientation (ISO).

Campuswide Honors students are strongly encouraged to sign up for SPOP 1 or SPOP 2 if possible to complete orientation and advising. If you are unable to sign up for SPOP 1 or SPOP 2 for whatever reason, please sign up for the next available orientation program. Classes will be available throughout the summer.
Please note that once you register for summer orientation and academic advising, there are no additional steps you need to take to sign up for honors advising; we will arrange for your advising based on how you register for orientation.

See Campuswide Honors Summer Orientation FAQs for more information

When do I register for my fall classes?

Students are eligible to register for fall classes after they have completed summer advising. Most Campuswide Honors students will register for fall classes on the first day of SPOP. International students and students who have been granted an exception from attending SPOP will need to complete BOTH school/major AND Campuswide Honors advising prior to signing up for classes. All honors freshmen must receive Campuswide Honors-specific advising prior to registration for fall classes in addition to required advising from your school/major. You will learn HOW to register for UCI classes during summer advising.

See Campuswide Honors Summer Orientation FAQs for more information

Do I need to take the Analytic Writing Placement Exam?

In order to retain your offer to join Campuswide Honors, you must successfully satisfy the University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement to be eligible to enroll in honors classes. Visit for more information regarding this requirement, and to determine if you have already completed it.

If you need to take the Analytic Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) to satisfy Entry Level Writing, we strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible. If you were unavailable for the May test date, please take the AWPE this summer. The UCI Testing Center can provide you with the summer dates of this exam. Please note that waiting until fall to take the AWPE will be too late as your results will not be evaluated prior to the beginning of fall quarter.

In the event that a student does not satisfy UC Entry Level Writing and does not place into appropriate courses for honors by the first day of their first quarter at UCI, they would not be able to continue with Campuswide Honors at that time.

It may be possible to satisfy UC Entry Level Writing this summer by taking an appropriate class at UCI or your local community college. If you are planning to pursue this option, please email for information about the correct class to take.

International students who have not satisfied UC Entry Level Writing should email about their options.

What about placement exams, in general?

The UCI Testing Center administers placement examinations to new students to ensure correct placement in certain introductory courses.

Exams are offered in mathematics (precalculus and mathematical analysis), physics, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and English-as-a-Second-Language. All necessary placement exams should be completed before you attend an academic advising session; therefore, we strongly recommend that you take your placement exams as early as possible.

Testing Office Website:

For testing dates, contact the Testing Office at (949) 824-6207.


How do I receive credit for my Advanced Placement, IB, or college-level work completed elsewhere?

In order to receive credit for Advanced Placement, IB, or college-level work completed elsewhere, you must:

  1. Submit an official report for all of your Advanced Placement (AP) examination scores (3 or above) and/or International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IB) examination results (5 or above) taken prior to January 1, 2017. To have AP scores sent to UCI, call (888) 225-5427; our campus code is 4859. Please note: to ensure we receive a complete set of AP scores, you need to individually specify the test year(s) that the AP Exam(s) were taken when you make your request. To have IB scores sent to UCI, contact the International Baccalaureate Office at (301) 202-3025 or visit and see IB Answers. Official reports are those sent directly to UCI electronically by these services. For exams taken after January 1, 2017, submit an official report for all of your AP scores (3 or above) and/or IB scores (5 or above) as soon as the results are available or they may not be credited towards your record. Note that AP exam scores will not be accepted via high school or college transcripts.
  2. By July 1, 2017, submit an official transcript of all college work completed. Transcripts of summer session 2017 courses must arrive no later than September 15, 2017.

According to the UCI General Catalogue, AP/IB classes are not required prerequisites for any honors classes, nor will they exempt students from their honors curriculum requirements. AP/IB classes are good preparation for honors classes, but are not required. Please see the UCI General Catalogue for more information about the UCI credit you may receive for AP/IB exams.


How do I change my major this summer?

Freshmen interested in changing their major can send a request to the Office of Admissions until June 1 using the change of major tool within your UCI Applicant Portal to make your request. After this date, you may request to have your major changed during orientation.

Changing majors does not affect your status with Campuswide Honors.


How can I attend UCI’s Summer Session?

All entering students are automatically sent a preview of summer session courses in late spring. Over 400 courses are offered in the six- and 10-week sessions. Summer Session courses may be used to satisfy various University, GE, and major requirements. Course offerings include preparatory or first-year chemistry and math, as well as Writing 39A which fulfills the Entry Level Writing Requirement. During the summer, intensive language courses fulfilling a year’s language requirement are also offered. Coursework taken at UCI Summer Session will be recorded on your UCI transcript. For further information, contact the UCI Summer Session Office, (949) 824-5493;;

Incoming honors students who are interested in enrolling in UCI Summer Session prior to their first quarter at UCI should consult with an academic advisor and with Campuswide Honors about which class(es) to enroll in.


How do I finish in four?

Ninety percent of all students affiliated with Campuswide Honors graduate in four years. Those students who graduate later often choose to remain enrolled at UCI for an extra quarter or year in order to further enrich their education and experience by engaging in extra academic and co-curricular activities in preparation for life after college.

All honors students receive personalized advising during their first year in the program and complete a course plan through graduation indicating all classes they intend to take to meet Campuswide Honors, GE, school/major requirements, and research/thesis. Although subject to change, this plan encourages students to focus on both short term and long term planning and goals. Once students have drafted their initial plan, students discuss it with their school honors counselor, have it signed, and then turn in/file their signed course plan with Campuswide Honors. Students will receive an email from Honors during fall and/or winter quarter regarding the best time to complete this advising requirement.

What is the deadline for UCI to receive my transcripts and test scores?

Final transcripts are due to the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools by July 1. This deadline applies to freshman admitted students who have chosen to accept UCI’s offer of admission AND have submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) form.

Final test scores are due to the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools by July 15.

Transcripts of summer session 2017 courses must arrive no later than September 15.