CHP Students Win Prestigious International Scholarships

Leanne Lupone, Leandra Jackson, and Madeline Collins receive prestigious scholarships

The CHP had a very successful year with three honors students heading out into the world on prestigious scholarships.

The Fulbright Fellowship to Korea is the culmination of a lifelong interest for Madeline Collins. At UCI she majored in Korean Literature and minored in International Studies. As a first-year student, she thrived in Arroyo, one of two honors hall in Mesa Court, with hard-working and passionate residents who encouraged and motivated her to be her best. Madeline cites her research thesis as her favorite CHP experience because it allowed her to learn deeply about cultural assimilation and media representation of North Korean refugees in South Korea. Madeline is very excited to be living in South Korea, a country that she has read and written so much about, as a Fulbright Scholar.

Leanne Lupone will go to Uruguay to expand her teaching experience internationally as a recipient of a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship. As a Chemistry major with concentration in Education, she has built an impressive résumé as a teacher: Leanne has taught science to middle and high school students, mentored and tutored at-risk students, and was invited to present at prestigious national conferences on teaching. Her ability to explain difficult scientific concepts has been put in service of the CHP. She has been a frequent panelist and volunteer, introducing prospective students and their families to the honors program and its spirit. Leanne looks forward to teaching English to students in Uruguay next year.

Leandra Jackson is the second CHP student to be named a Gates Cambridge Scholar. A Public Health Science major, Leandra came to UCI and the CHP as an Honors to Honors transfer student, having previously studied at Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College. During her time at UCI, she contributed to four research projects. Her senior honors thesis examines immune system regulation. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar, Leandra will be going abroad for the first time in her life to England where she will be pursuing a master of philosophy degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Congratulations to our winners!

The CHP proudly supports and encourages students in applying for internationally-recognized merit scholarships by working hand in hand with the UCI Scholarship Opportunities Program and assisting students throughout the scholarship application process.