The Collegium has a listserv called, and you will be receiving news and email from this account on a weekly basis throughout the year. Important announcements regarding advising requirements, course codes, deadlines, research/internship/job opportunities, scholarships and upcoming events are just a few of the things you’ll read about in CHC-News.

We recommend that you get in the habit of checking your UCI email account on a daily basis and suggest using it only for school-related purposes to avoid a spam-filled inbox that you dread looking at every day. Not only does CHC-News provide weekly updates via email during the academic year, but faculty communicate with students via email, and the Libraries use e-mail to notify students of overdue books and recalled materials. The Locus, computer labs on campus, Langson Library, and Science Library offer terminals where UCI students can check their e-mail.

There is also a CHC-News blog available for access to additional information that we were unable to include in CHC-News due to space, as well as archives of all CHC-News posts. We are always open to suggestions of how to better improve our dissemination of information, so please give us your thoughts and opinions!