A Message from CHA President for Winter ’24

Hello, fellow honors alumni!

Happy 2024 from your Campuswide Honors Alumni Chapter board!

With the new year, we thought we’d give you an update on the old year and a look at what’s to come.

2023 was a great year, and here are some highlights!

  • In the spring, we held our first ever hybrid format of Honors to Meet You. This is an event where CHC alumni meet with students and share stories, advice, and tips related to their careers. Many of you who were out of the area volunteered to participate online, along with the local in-person alumni meeting with students in the Locus.  Thank you!
  • In the summer, we held elections and introduced a new board, many of whom came from our own student council, the CHSC!
  • One of our first acts in response to feedback requesting a more flexible casual meetup format was to introduce our first hangout event of the series “Nice to MeetCHA!” We held the first one at the Anthill Pub in November to good response, and we hope to hang out again in the future at another venue.
  • December heralded the return of Alumni Coffee Hour in the Locus with the highest student attendance since we started this as a regular live quarterly event!
  • Finally, we collaborated once more with the OC Alumni Chapter for an all- alumni holiday party! We provided pizza, handed out food, and helped announce raffle winners!

And there is more to come in 2024!

  • For the new year, we are kicking off with Dinners With Anteaters in February, where we always have fun getting to know our CHC students over, well, dinner.
  • Save the date for Saturday, March 2 as we will have a table under the UCIAA tent for Homecoming!  Come by for a fun trivia wheel and earn some loot!
  • Also, save the date for two more Alumni Coffee Hours scheduled for Friday, March 1 and Friday, May 17.  Come by in the morning for a doughnut and chat with some honor students!  Sink back into the coziness and help let students know they can survive after graduation just like us! 😉
  • And speaking of helping students, we’ll hold our annual student/alumni networking event Honors to Meet You sometime in the spring!  Maybe it will be hybrid.  Maybe it will be roundtable style.  Whatever the format, you can bet it will be an evening of rich tips and anecdotes from you alumni (no joke!) as the students ask the burning questions they have about life outside UCI!

Finally, let us know what you would like to see us do and/or would like to be involved with in the future.  Email feedback to honors@uci.edu with CHA in the subject and we’ll be better able to follow up with you.

We are always thinking about what will benefit you all, and hold these events with the aim to keep you alumni involved and keep students connected.

We want you to always know graduating from UCI and the CHC does not have to mean goodbye.  You are always welcome back home.  And you all are not alone.

Wishing you a great start to the new year,

Wayne Sung

President, Campuswide Honors Alumni chapter (CHA)

CHA president Wayne with CHC alumni and staff at Alumni Coffee Hour