Campuswide Honors Program’s Name Change Announcement

Founded in 1988, the Campuswide Honors Program is a community of motivated learners dedicated to scholastic excellence and personal growth that is supported by the resources of a major research university.

Effective Fall Quarter 2019, the Campuswide Honors Program will undergo a name change and be henceforth referred to as the Campuswide Honors Collegium. This new name reflects recent growth and development of the program consistent with the UCI Strategic Plan.

Building on a 30-year tradition of excellence, Campuswide Honors has welcomed new curricular options, such as the core course track, “Sustainable Societies,” and additional honors seminars on topics ranging from Music to Logic and Philosophy of Science.

Campuswide Honors has added two full time staff advisors and a fourth Peer Academic Advisor to accommodate the growth of its student population. Beginning with just 88 students at the outset, the campus now provides over 1,000 students with the Campuswide Honors experience.

The transformation of the Campuswide Honors Program to the Campuswide Honors Collegium will raise its profile and increase its visibility both locally and nationally. “Collegium” is used across the UC system in relation to honors, and emphasizes UC Irvine Campuswide Honors’ longstanding tradition of interdisciplinarity and communal learning as the cornerstone of the Honors enterprise.

Campuswide Honors anticipates new opportunities for engagement with the Orange County community and is excited about the increased potential for mentoring, internships, and support for honors students.

It is through the tremendous efforts of the Campuswide Honors community supporters, alumni, faculty, and the highly dedicated Campuswide Honors staff that the campus’ strategic vision for elevating the student experience is being realized.

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