Suggested Format for Campuswide Honors Thesis

    1. Title page (title, centered; your name and the date, i.e., June, 1997), your faculty advisor’s name & department should be indicated in the lower section of the page)
    2. Acknowledgments (if you want to do this)
    3. Abstract (brief summary of the purpose, methods, and results of your
    4. Table of Contents (if appropriate)
      Some students have also organized items 5-9 as chapters – discuss the appropriate format with your faculty advisor.
    5. Introduction/Overview/Hypothesis (outline of the topic/problem; what you set out to do and why; perhaps list some anticipated results)
    6. Background, literature review/previous research, definition of terms
    7. Methodology (i.e., methods & measures, model, subjects, instrumentation, variables, procedures)
    8. Results/findings/conclusion & discussion of same
    9. Bibliography
    10. Tables, charts, appendices, pictures, surveys, etc.