Quotes/Advice from CHC Students

These quotes are taken from Honors research surveys and exit interviews:

“START EARLY!” (This is THE most often-expressed advice we hear from graduating Campuswide Honors students!)

“Lots of hard work, but so worth it!”

Above all, I feel that the Honors Thesis process was the most valuable thing I did during my years at UCI. Doing an honors thesis has prepared me for grad school, beyond what my class work has done. It also gave me a paper that I could submit to various Ph.D. programs when I was applying. It was an invaluable experience.”

The thesis was the most valuable. It tested me mentally. (I) did something ‘extra’ that I could be really proud of. ”

I wish I had done more research before deciding on a project. I could be open to more possibilities.”

Research was by far the most beneficial experience I’ve had, as I’ve taken away a number of skills and experiences which I’ll surely rely upon in my future career.”

Research was the most beneficial. I explored a subject that is not readily available to undergraduates. Felt that I was able to contribute from my research as well.”

Doing research requires a serious commitment. The quality of your research is completely up to you – your dedication, patience, etc.

Describe your research experience overall.

“Imperative. Classes alone didn’t cut it. THIS was interesting. I got to choose what to do. I knew that the blood sweat and tears that I put into it one quarter would carry over to the next, so there was much more incentive to do well.”

Phenomenal. It is important to realize that research has vicissitudes ranging from unavoidable failures to unimaginable successes. Embrace this reality and have a blast riding the roller coaster that is research.

Fabulous. My first research project was technically flawed but was a good learning effort. I was more comfortable with independent research by my 4th year.

Would you do anything different, if you had to do it over again?

“Take my time, spread it out over more time, instead of rushing so hard at the end. Also, don’t ever be afraid to ask to talk with your professor. This includes quick check-ins, and even admitting that you haven’t pulled your own weight this week. Get the problem fixed before it builds up and explodes.”

An amazing journey. It was hell at times. But I am glad to put myself through it. Honestly, if you told me two years ago that I would write a paper like this, I would have never believed you. Not only did we produce a paper, but it was accepted as-is for a usable security conference, and I was asked to present the paper at the conference.”