Summer Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

Summer orientation and academic advising are required of all incoming UCI freshmen in order to enroll in classes. In addition to the school/major advising that all students receive over the summer, the CHP will hold a required special advising program for honors students on (or prior to) the first day of each SPOP, before the regular orientation program begins. Both CHP advising AND school/major advising are required in order to continue with the CHP and enroll in fall quarter classes. Please refer to emails from UCI, the CHP, and your school/major for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I’m from out of town and am making arrangements to travel to Irvine for SPOP. What time does it start?

      Mandatory CHP-specific advising sessions will take place on the first day of each SPOP, beginning promptly at 8:00 a.m., before the regular program begins. Please make sure your travel arrangements get you to campus by that time. Please note that for SPOP 1, 2, and 4 check-in for the CHP session will begin as early as 7:15 a.m. You will receive more information about what to do and where to go once you’ve signed up for summer orientation, closer to your SPOP date.

      See for more information about summer orientation, including the SPOP schedule.

    2. I have to work on July 16-17 (SPOP 1) and July 20-21 (SPOP 2). What should I do?

      Plan ahead. Ask your supervisor for time off well in advance, so you can attend one of these early orientation sessions.

    3. I can’t attend SPOP on July 16-17 or July 20-21, but can attend at a later date. Is this a possibility?

      Yes; however, sign up for the first SPOP for which you are available as soon as possible, as dates fill up quickly. Remember, since all UCI freshmen will register for classes at SPOP, delaying your attendance to a later session means you will need to be more flexible with your class schedule. Fall classes will be available for you to enroll in throughout the summer.

      The CHP office will contact you by email before your SPOP session with instructions about the mandatory CHP-specific advising session offered the first morning of your SPOP. If your contact information will be changing over the summer, please email us with the correct contact information at

    4. I live in another state/country/will be abroad for the entire summer and can’t attend any of the SPOPs. What should I do?

      Follow the instructions on the orientation website to request an exception if you can’t physically attend summer orientation. Please note that exceptions are not guaranteed to be approved, and may require documentation (especially trips). If you are granted an exception from summer orientation, watch for an email from regarding required CHP advising. CHP advising supplements required school/major advising and will go over the CHP curriculum, give an overview of the program, and answer questions.

      International students who cannot attend SPOP are required to attend International Student Parent Orientation Program (ISPOP). Please note that if you attend ISPOP you will need to be advised in your major AND by the CHP earlier in the summer. All CHP students signed up for ISPOP should receive an email from in July regarding required CHP advising.

      All CHP freshmen must receive CHP-specific advising prior to registration for fall classes in addition to required advising from your school/major.

    5. I have additional questions about summer orientation. Whom should I contact?

      UCI’s summer orientation program is not organized by the CHP Office. We recommend that you first consult the orientation website, particularly the FAQs at and address your general questions about summer orientation to the UCI Orientation Office.