Admission Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

Campuswide Honors is dedicated to promoting high standards of scholastic excellence and personal growth by combining the qualities of a liberal arts college with the unique opportunities offered by a major research university. The opportunity to learn and engage with faculty and with other talented and motivated students in a supportive learning community helps students get the most out of their education and achieve ambitious goals.

Admission to Campuswide Honors for incoming freshmen is by invitation. No additional application beyond the UC Irvine Admissions Application is necessary. Selection is based on your UC Irvine application.

Another option is to apply to Campuswide Honors once you are a student at UCI. Once you have completed a quarter at UCI as a full-time student, you may be eligible to apply. Many students enter the program in this way. For more information on how to apply once you are a UCI student, click here.