Honors Housing


UCI Student Housing has announced that, as a result of the current public health crisis, UCI will reduce the number of beds used to house undergraduate students, and will be unable to guarantee housing for the upcoming academic year. More information about on-campus housing for the 2020-2021 academic year can be found here. Honors-themed housing will be offered in Middle Earth, Mesa Court, and Arroyo Vista. More updates will be posted here when available.

Campuswide Honors students are guaranteed on-campus housing for as long as they remain in good standing with the Honors Program, complete all Housing application processes, and meet all specified deadlines. This guarantee is NOT for a specific housing community, hall/house, or room, and applies primarily to the annual on-campus housing applications for new and continuing students.

What is honors housing?

Campuswide Honors is happy to offer the option for honors students to live in a hall or house with each other in one of three on-campus housing communities: Arroyo Vista, Middle Earth, and Mesa Court. The honors housing facilities are the same as those offered to non-honors students in these communities, but are inhabited primarily by honors students. Here are the 2019-2020 school year options:

Why should I live in honors housing?

Living in an honors housing option provides an ideal way to meet students from all disciplines and majors, form study groups, and get involved/stay involved with Campuswide Honors and the general campus. The true benefits of this unique living/learning community come from the honors students who live there, and who provide a more enriching and supportive environment than might be found elsewhere on-campus. Honors housing is a great place to make close friends and form a network that will support you through UCI and beyond. Special honors housing activities like get-togethers with honors faculty, drop-in advising and study breaks reflect residents’ interests and elevate the on-campus housing experience.

How do I apply for honors housing?

Honors housing is one of several themes that you may select when applying for on-campus housing. New freshmen and transfers can apply for on-campus housing through the online housing application (usually due on the same day as your Statement of Intent to Register.) Continuing students can apply for on-campus housing through the Guaranteed Housing application process which takes place in November. Arroyo Vista is the only honors housing option for new transfer students.

Campuswide Honors students who do not live in honors housing (commuting or living elsewhere on campus) but who want to be connected to the honors housing living/learning community can sign up to be adopted by an honors house or hall. Adopted residents are included in house/hall communications and events and are encouraged to spend time in the house/hall.

For more information click here to visit Student Housing’s web site.