Honors Housing

The CHP has on-campus Honors Housing options in Middle Earth and Mesa Court residence halls (for entering freshmen), and Arroyo Vista (for freshmen and continuing honors students). While we recommend honors housing as a great way to become involved in an Honors community, it is not required. Students may also choose a non-honors housing option.

Generally, the honors options open to CHP freshmen are:

For non-freshmen CHP students, Honors Housing is also available in the Arroyo Vista housing community described above.

All honors housing options offer double occupancy rooms, with a few singles and triples available in some of the residence halls. They provide a valuable living/learning experience with other honors students, and the community spirit that is a special feature of the CHP extends into these honors housing options. CHP students bring to the living experience their vitality, creativity, and dedication to learning. Activities have included get-togethers with honors faculty, staff and students, movie nights, an international potluck, an off-campus retreat, study breaks, and other events (such as workshops and special speakers) that are dependent upon the interests of the residents. Some of the social and cultural events of the larger CHP are also based in these locations. Living in an honors housing option provides an ideal way to meet students from all disciplines and majors, form study groups, and get involved/stay involved with the CHP and the general campus.

After freshman year, non-honors housing options are also available to CHP students in Arroyo Vista academic theme/greek organization housing, Campus Village (on-campus apartments), and Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, Camino del Sol, and Puerta del Sol (non-UCI owned and managed communities that are also located on the east side of campus).

CHP students are guaranteed on-campus housing for as long as they remain in good standing with the Honors Program, complete all Housing application processes, and meet all specified deadlines. Special note: this guarantee is NOT for a specific housing community, hall/house, or room, and applies primarily to the annual on-campus housing application processes for new (during the application and acceptance process) and continuing students (during the fall quarter of each year).

For more information click here to visit Student Housing’s web site.