Meet the Campuswide Honors Ambassadors


Campuswide Honors Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of current honors students from many different majors who serve as liaisons between Campuswide Honors and prospective students and their families. They provide a personal perspective on the honors experience in Campuswide Honors and student life at UCI. Honors Ambassadors are here to share their insights and answer your questions! Click here to contact an Honors Ambassador!

Hometown: Norwalk, CA
Area of Study: Psychology; Health Informatics
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Program Peer Mentor, Student Success Initiatives Peer Educator, Pre-Law Society Chief of Marketing, Sri Lanka United Communications Chair, UNICEF at UCI member
Hobbies: Running, yoga, listening to music and podcasts, baking, watching sitcoms

Campuswide Honors has made me aware of my passions and sparked new ones. As a first-year student, I was not uncertain about what I wanted to do after college: I leaned towards law with no particular focus or practice of interest. During my Honors Humanities Core course, I learned more global politics and injustices around the world and found my passion in international law. I jumped at the chance to talk to and get advice from honors alums who now practice law at events presented by Campuswide Honors such as Lunch with Leadership and the Honors to Meet You networking social. These conversations convinced me that I’m on the right path career path so early in my academic career!

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Area of study: Biomedical Engineering: Premed; Classical Civilization minor
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Student Council Social Chair, Campuswide Honors Program Peer Mentor, Biophotonics Research in the Microvascular Therapeutics and Imaging Laboratory, UCI Swim Club, Learning Assistant, COPE Health Scholars
Hobbies: Reading; Listening to music; Playing the Violin; Writing song lyrics and short stories; Drinking tea; Eating good food; Swimming

Campuswide Honors offers a multitude of ways to get involved with the community. One of the first honors events that I attended as a first-year student was Fusion, a fun welcome night presented by the Campuswide Honors Student Council (CHSC). I knew right away that I wanted to become part of CHSC and work my way up to being on the Council’s board. Now, as a CHSC Social Chair, I have been able to give back and strengthen the honors community. Through my three years on the board, I have planned and facilitated several events, gaining some of my closest friends and many skills that will prepare me for a career in medicine. This is my third year on CHSC, and I am just as excited as I was two years ago. CHSC is an integral—and fun—part of my experience at UCI.

Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Area of Study: Chemical Engineering
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor; Chemical Biology Research in the UCI School of Physical Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa Member; Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Honors Society Treasurer
Hobbies: Science Fiction; Opera; Architecture; Hiking; Sports such as Tennis, Swimming, and Snowboarding

Campuswide Honors has been a central part of my university experience from the very beginning! Through shared core courses and program events, I was immediately connected to a community of like-minded, motivated peers. Living in the Shire, one of the first-year honors halls, I met others students who were interested in the same things, and we quickly became lifelong friends. Additionally, I was able to take advantage of many academic and professional opportunities by just being a n honors student. Recognizing my abilities in my honors chemistry lab, my teaching assistant offered me the chance to participate in fascinating chemical biology research. Now in my third year of research in that lab, I have presented my research on engineering insulin biosenors at several conferences. I have been develop successful professionalization plan through workshops and appointments with honors advisors. As an honors student, I have truly gotten a lot of support for my academic and professional goals.

Hometown: Rocklin (near Sacramento), CA
Area of study: Biological Sciences, Spanish
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor Coordinator; Campuswide Honors Student Council Secretary; Honors Humanities Program; Immunology Research at the UCI School of Medicine; Intern at Student Healthcare In Practice
Hobbies: Piano; Music arrangement/composition; Video games; Tea; Anime/manga; Creative writing; Reading

Campuswide Honors helps you keep a balance in both your academic and social lives. The honors core classes and seminars expose you to an array of fields and widen your perspective, while also allowing you to form close bonds with peers. In particular, taking Honors Humanities Core paved the way for me to study Spanish alongside Biology, two subjects that I love. In the small seminars where I participated in discussions about wars in Argentina, Vietnam, and Europe, I learned a lot from classmates with a variety of majors who are now my best friends. Campuswide Honors has made my experience at UCI exciting and unforgettable!

Hometown: South Pasadena, CA
Area of study: Criminology, Law & Society, Psychology & Social Behavior
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor; Vice President of Women’s Club Soccer; UCI Global Service Scholar – Ghana
Hobbies: Traveling/road trips; Hiking/camping; Reading; Playing/watching sports; Watching way too much Netflix

As a pretty introverted person, it took me awhile to find my place on campus. By living in an honors hall, taking honors core courses and attending events put on by Campuswide Honors, I was able to meet a lot of people and find my place in the supportive honors community. There are so many different types of people in honors that everyone is able to find themselves and where they belong. One defining experience for me was the Campuswide Honors annual Spring Camping Retreat where I shared a tent with someone from my honors hall that I had not talked to much, but by the end of the weekend we became fast friends. I will always be grateful to Campuswide Honors for the diverse community, constant support and academic adventure, but most of all I am thankful to Campuswide Honors for giving me the opportunity to find my best friend.

Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
Area of Study: Biomedical Engineering; Materials Science Engineering
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Program Peer Mentor; Research in Khine Lab; Engineering Student Council (Community Outreach Committee); Girls Engineering Change
Hobbies: hiking; playing piano; reading; traveling; camping; playing ping-pong

As a first-year student, I was able to jump into research because of Honors Peer Mentor who not only answered all my questions about adjusting to college and to the honors program, but also told me about an opening in a UCI research lab. With her encouragement, I applied for the opportunity to dive into my major as well as expand my knowledge of the field of biomedical engineering. By the end of my first year in the lab working on treatments for Alzheimer’s, I was named an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Fellow. I love collaborating with faculty and my peers in conducting hands-on research. Currently, I am pursuing my interest in wearable sensors in the Khine Lab, which I look forward to developing into my honors thesis project!

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Area of Study: Biology; Art History; Archaeology
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Program Peer Mentor; Humanities Honors Program; Study Abroad
Hobbies: Skiing; Playing soccer; Running; Painting; Visiting local museums/galleries

One honors thing that I’m really excited about is research! Because research is about asking and answering interesting questions, it gives you a unique opportunity to delve deeper into your area of study and get hands-on experience whether it’s working in a lab, the library, or the field. I was able to narrow my research focus to Baroque and Renaissance art by going abroad and studying in Florence and seeing masterpieces in person. I look forward to investigating the depiction of anatomy and biology in Italian art under the mentorship of passionate and supportive faculty, and I can’t wait to share my findings at UCI’s Undergraduate Research Symposium this May!

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Area of Study: Psychology and Social Behavior
Involvements at UCI: Freshmen Representative for Campuswide Honors Student Council; Anteater Ambassador Network; Pre-Law Society Human Relations Chief; Saturday Academy of Law Teaching Assistant
Hobbies: Traveling; Dancing; Reading; Discovering new cuisines; Taking naps

Coming into such a big research-oriented university I was looking for a small community. Campuswide Honors has become that community, providing me with academic opportunities, a network of support, a group of close friends, and so much more. My horizons are broadened through Honors Humanities Core and Honors Social Science Core, where I learned about topics such as empire and epistemology—the study of knowledge itself—from the vantage points of philosophy, psychology, and political science. Going through these honors courses with the same cohort of honors students, I have been able to create a close circle of friends who support my goals and dreams. From my connection to Campuswide Honors, I have interned with an honors alumni and been able to start building my portfolio of professional skills and experiences. I can’t wait to see what else Campuswide Honors has to offer!

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