Meet the Campuswide Honors Ambassadors


Campuswide Honors Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of current honors students from many different majors who serve as liaisons between Campuswide Honors and prospective students and their families. They provide a personal perspective on the honors experience in Campuswide Honors and student life at UCI. Honors Ambassadors are here to share their insights and answer your questions! Click here to contact an Honors Ambassador!

Hometown: Mission Viejo, California
Area of Study: Biomedical Engineering; minor in Material Science Engineering
Involvement at UCI: Undergraduate Researcher in Khine Lab; Engineering Student Council (Community Outreach Committee); Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society (Industrial Relations Chair); Campuswide Honors Collegium Peer Mentor; Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) Tutorial Leader
Hobbies: Hiking; Yoga; Playing Piano; Reading; Traveling; Camping; Playing ping-pong

As a first-year commuter student, I was initially scared that I wouldn’t be able to meet other students and make friends as easily as my peers. However, on the first day of Honors Chemistry lecture, I sat down next to someone who would later become my best friend! She introduced me to two other students, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Even though we are not all the same major and no longer take the same classes, the Honors study lounge (the Locus) is always our safe haven and place to meet. Because of the smaller class sizes and the tight-knit community of Honors, I quickly became close to my peers, and I’m grateful for the Honors community for being so welcoming and giving me an immediate family.

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Area of Study: Human Biology; Anthropology
Involvement at UCI: Neurosurgery Research (Chen lab), Co-director for GHREAT, UC Global Health Institute Ambassador, Literary Chair for Healing through Humanities, Copy Editor for The Scribe Healing through Humanities blog, Deconstructing Diversity Initiative, Global Service Scholar – Paraguay, Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor
Hobbies: Singing; Traveling; Reading; Piano; Going to Disneyland

What I have come to value the most from my time here at UCI is the interdisciplinary worldview I have gained from taking Honors classes. As a first year Biological Sciences major and pre-med student, I was expecting a science heavy curriculum. While I grew to love the Humanities and Social Sciences in high school, I was under the impression that they weren’t going to be essential to my education. However, classes such as Humanities Core and Social Science Core have taught me how medicine is much more than a product of just biomedicine – it is a product of historical and cultural influences. And the same can be said for any field of study. The Honors classes have instilled a sense of intellectual vitality that wasn’t there before and they have made me excited to keep exploring the complexity of our world through different lenses.

Hometown: Norwalk, CA
Area of Study: Psychology; minor in Health Informatics
Involvement at UCI: Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, Peer Educator for Student Success Initiatives, Anteater Ambassador, Saturday Academy of Law Teaching Assistant, UNICEF at UCI volunteer, Sri Lanka Student Association Chief of Publicity
Hobbies: Running, Exercising with friends; Listening to music and podcasts; Spending time in nature; Playing games with my family

Campuswide Honors has made me aware of my passions and sparked new ones. As a first-year student, I was uncertain about what I wanted to do after college. I was interested in law but had no particular focus or practice in mind. It was during my Honors Humanities Core course that I learned more about global politics and injustices around the world and found my passion in international law. I jumped at the chance to talk to and get advice from honors alums who now practice law at events presented by Campuswide Honors, such as Lunch with Leadership and the Honors to Meet You alumni networking social. Furthermore, participating in research allowed me to explore my interests with a UCI faculty member. These opportunities convinced me that I was on the right path early in my academic career, and taught me more about the world and how we can improve it.

Hometown: La Mirada, CA
Area of Study: Human Biology; minor in Medical Humanities
Involvement at UCI: Student Healthcare in Practice (SHIP), Rare Genetic Disease Research at UCI School of Medicine, Medical Humanities Research, Healing through Humanities (HtH), Certified Learning Assistant Program (CLAP)
Hobbies: Filmmaking; Reading; Meditation; Exercise; Spending quality time with people

Campuswide Honors helped me unlock my current interest in medical humanities research. By engaging in the interdisciplinary coursework of Humanities Core and the Sustainable Societies Honors track, I was challenged to expand the boundaries of my knowledge and gain a more encompassing view of the world. However, learning in the classroom was not enough. I had more questions to ask and felt the need to extend and apply my knowledge to research and the creation of a film on a current issue: physician burnout. My professors and advisers have been with me every step of the way, challenging and supporting my ideas from the drawing board to execution. With the support of Campuswide Honors, I have seen the exciting evolution of my research–from an idea after class one day to a tangible creation (coming out in May 2020).

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Area of Study: Psychology & Social Behavior
Involvement at UCI: Saturday Academy of Law Lead Teaching Assistant, Pre-Law Society Human Relations Chief, Peer Academic Advisor for the School of Social Ecology, Research Assistant in Psychology and Law lab, Deconstructing Diversity Initiative Cohort 2019-2020, ASUCI Legal Clinic Intern
Hobbies: Dance; Napping anywhere/anytime; Traveling

Coming into such a big research-oriented university, I was looking for a small community to call my own. Campuswide Honors has become that community, providing me with academic opportunities, a network of support, a group of close friends, and so much more. My horizons have been broadened through Honors Humanities Core and Honors Social Science Core, where I learned about topics such as empire and epistemology—the study of knowledge itself—from the vantage points of philosophy, psychology, and political science. Taking through these honors courses with the same cohort of honors students, I have been able to create a close circle of friends who support my goals and dreams. Thanks to my connection to Campuswide Honors, I have interned with an honors alum and been able to start building my portfolio of professional skills and experiences. I can’t wait to see what else Campuswide Honors has to offer!

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Area of Study: Biomedical Engineering; Classics
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Student Council President, Campuswide Honors Peer Mentor, Microvascular Therapeutics and Imaging Laboratory, Learning Assistant, UCI Medical Center Volunteer
Hobbies: Reading; Listening to music; Playing the Violin; Writing song lyrics and short stories; Drinking tea; Eating good food; Swimming

One of the best parts of Campuswide Honors is its community. I met many of my best friends during my first year living in Loma, one of the Honors halls, and three years later we still meet up weekly to eat food and watch musicals together. The Honors community also presents many opportunities to become involved in leadership. As a first-year student, I was offered a warm welcome and invitation to join the Campuswide Honors Student Council by the then president and vice president. I’m now the Student Council President myself! Through my three years on the Student Council board, I have planned and facilitated events and other special opportunities for Honors students, gaining some of my closest friends and many skills that will prepare me for a career in medicine.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Area of Study: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Involvement at UCI: Campuswide Honors Transfer Peer Mentor, UCI Neuroscholar, Health Disparities Research at the UCI School of Medicine, Health Scholar at UCI Family Clinic- Santa Ana
Hobbies: Dancing; Traveling; Adventure sports like skiing, snowmobiling, and rafting; Binge watching TV shows

As a community college transfer student, I was terrified of not finding my place at UCI, and not getting the best out of university life. I came in doubting myself, and questioning how much I could achieve in just two years here at UCI. Campuswide Honors came to my rescue, and made me feel at home immediately. My Honors advisors and peers provided me with immense support and helped me effectively plan my UCI years. With support from this program, I have been able to succeed academically while building my leadership and professional skills. I have had the opportunity to network with amazing community members at the networking event with Campuswide Honors alumni, and get inspired by their success stories. With so much inspiring and positive energy around me, Campuswide Honors has given me a new sense of confidence.

Hometown: East Los Angeles
Area of Study: Political Science; Social Ecology
Involvement at UCI: ASUCI – National Organizer under EVP, UCSA Transfer Coalition – UCI Representative, UCI Pedestrian and Non-Pedestrian Traffic Safety Advisory Committee – Student Representative, Veteran Service Center – Peer Navigator, UCDC Men’s Club Volleyball Summer Academic Enrichment Program, Former Student Athlete – Men’s Volleyball
Hobbies: Volleyball, Yoga, Using my AMC Stubs pass, Podcasts (The Daily; Slow Burn; Embedded; Long Form), Supernatural, NBA 2k

Applying to the Campuswide Honors Collegium as a first year transfer student was one of the best decisions I’ve made at UCI. I have found the support to challenge me academically and found a community of students who are as curious about applying what they learn in the classroom to solving real world issues as I am. Without the Honors advising staff to guide me, a PhD/JD would only have remained something other people do, not something I am actively working on. Nor would I know that I want to found a research and education institute that focuses on addressing society’s biggest issues from an intersectional, community-first approach. I truly thank the Campuswide Honors Collegium for helping me focus my passions and goals in order to become the best person I (emphasis on the I) want to become.

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