Honors Seminars

The CHP offers specially designed seminars on a variety of topics each quarter taught by top UCI faculty.  These courses are open to all rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and Honors to Honors transfer students in the CHP on a first come, first served basis. The seminars are worth 4 units each.  CHP students may take as many of these seminars as they wish, and can even use one of them to substitute for one quarter of a CHP core course as designated by the CHP.
Only one substitution total permitted per student.

More course information:

    • Winter ’18
      Course Dept./Number Instructor Course Title
      LPS H141 Prof. Jeffrey Barrett Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
      Description: An examination of the standard von Neumann-Dirac formulation of quantum mechanics. The quantum measurement problem is discussed along with several proposed solutions, including GRW, many-worlds, man-minds, and Bohm’s theory.
      Credit: No GE credit, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core.
      LPS H125 Prof. Jim Weatherall What is Time?
      Description: This seminar will examine how scientists, philosophers, and artists have thought about and tried to represent time over the last ~2500 years, by studying historical and contemporary scholarly work, literature, film, and physical theories.
      Credit: GE Category III, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
      Human H82 Prof. Elizabeth Allen Sanctuary: Medieval and Beyond
      Description: Principles and significance of the practice of legal sanctuary in medieval English history, literature, and religion. Development of modern use of churches and other safe spaces in the American Civil Rights movement, immigrant sanctuary movements, and international asylum.
      Credit: GE Categories III or IV, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
    • Fall ’17
      Course Dept./Number Instructor Course Title
      Chc/Lat H80 Prof. Anita Casavantes Bradford Latino Childhoods
      Description: Students in this seminar compare the experiences of Latina/o children to other young people in the U.S. and around the world, analyzing the historical, political, economic, and sociocultural factors that have differently structured the life stage we understand as “childhood.”
      Credit: GE Category III, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
      Human H80 Prof. Sarah Farmer Memory Across the Disciplines
      Description: Questions about human memory are central to a wide range of disciplines. Students will explore how historians, sociologists, social psychologists, legal experts and neuroscientists understand human memory and apply their findings to understand and shape their own societies.
      Credit: GE Category IV, may substitute for one quarter of Social Science Core.
      LPS H81 Prof. John Manchak What is Space?
      Description: Historical, philosophical, scientific exploration of the concept of “space.” Questions of interest include: What kind of a thing is space? How can we know what space is like? How is space different from time?
      Credit: GE Category II, may substitute for one quarter of Science Core.
    • Spring ’18
      • Human H81, The Vietnam War
      • LPS H91, The Philosophy and Biology of Sex
      • LPS H95, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law
      • Music H80, Experiments in Music
      • Physics H80, The Impact of World War I on Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and other Sciences

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2017-2018 Faculty:

Jonathan Alexander
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Elizabeth Allen
Prof. Elizabeth Allen
Jeff Barrett
Prof. Jeff Barrett
Anita Casavantes Bradford
Prof. Anita Casavantes Bradford
Christopher Dobrian
Prof. Christopher Dobrian
Sarah Farmer
Prof. Sarah Farmer
James Herbert
Prof. James Herbert
Julia Lupton
Prof. Julia Lupton
John Manchak
Prof. John Manchak
Cailin O'Connor
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Kyle Stanford
Prof. Kyle Stanford
Virginia Trimble
Prof. Virginia Trimble
James Weatherall
Prof. James Weatherall
Judy Wu
Prof. Judy Wu