Graduate Fellows

The CHC is happy to introduce our new Graduate Fellows (GFs) – Alisson Rowland and Lizzy Hubbard!  Current UCI graduate students, Lizzy and Alisson are joining the CHC advising team this fall.  They will hold office hours in the CHC Office and will advise students who are embarking on undergraduate research about the research process, finding a faculty advisor, and how doing research can help you reach your goals.  Contact the CHC Graduate Fellows at with questions about the CHC research/thesis requirement.

Meet Alisson Rowland (she/they)

Hello all, I am excited to join Campuswide Honors Collegium as a Graduate Fellow! I’m a UCI alumna and Political Science PhD student specializing in International Relations and Critical Theory. I research the everyday practices of differently gendered and racialized people used to resist systems of oppression.I am committed to fostering a path for all students at UCI to thrive. I believe it is my responsibility to continue learning how to be a better mentor and scholar. Because of this, I’ve worked as a Division of Teaching Excellence Summer Fellow, advising on best pedagogical practices. I also have certificates in Mentoring and Teaching Excellence that have shaped my pedagogical commitments to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.While I’m not a California native, I’ve definitely enjoyed working and learning in sunny Southern California. I began my college career at a community college in Solano County and was able to transfer to UCI my junior year. Now, I’m happy to rejoin the anteater community for graduate school! When I’m not on campus, I enjoy food touring LA (let me know if you need recommendations) and obsessively watching popular culture video essays on youtube.I look forward to meeting and working with the CHC community!

Meet Lizzy Hubbard (she/her/hers)

Hello everyone! I am so excited to join the Campuswide Honors Program as a graduate fellow. My name is Lizzy and I am a fourth year graduate student studying the effects of opioid withdrawal on anxiety and pain in Dr. Kevin Beier’s lab.I participated in my undergraduate institution’s honors program, so I am eager to share my experiences and provide guidance as you embark on your own research projects. As a graduate student I have worked to improve my skills not only as a researcher but also as a mentor to honors students and other undergraduates here at UCI.I have enjoyed working and living in Irvine for the last few years, and in my free time I enjoy running, swimming, and watching movies. I’m very excited to be a part of the CHC and work with you as you develop your own independent thesis projects!