Suggested Format for Honors Thesis Proposal

Each student will submit a research proposal for approval and the approval process varies among the academic units and upper-division honors programs. If you are participating in an upper-division, major-specific honors program on campus, ask if there is a thesis proposal form that you should use. If so, make an extra copy and file it with the Honors Office as your honors thesis proposal. There are other options available as well. A copy of the Bio Sci 199 abstract (which must be filed at the beginning of each quarter that you want to enroll in a Bio 199 class) or a copy of your UROP grant proposal may also be used as your honors thesis proposal. If no form is available, use the format suggested below.Your thesis proposal MUST include at least #1, 2, and 3 below, but it may include as many of the other elements as seems appropriate to your faculty advisor and your research project.

  1. Proposed title
  2. Faculty advisor with whom you will be working
  3. Description of your research project (or an explanation of the parameters of the problem, question, or project)
  4. Research methods and procedures
  5. Summary of supporting literature
  6. Selected bibliography
  7. Statement of the method of assessment of their research by themselves and their faculty advisor

Students are encouraged to have their faculty thesis advisor sign their thesis proposal. The thesis proposal is, in essence, a plan or “contract” for the research/thesis experience.

Faculty and students should have discussed the overall plan, timelines, how often and when they will meet throughout the research/thesis process, grading for research & thesis courses, and what is expected, in terms of work completed, by the end of each quarter.

Students NOT completing an upper-division, major specific honors program, please NOTE: it is important to convey to one’s faculty advisor your ultimate goal, which is to meet the honors program requirement of completing an undergraduate research project, under the direction and guidance of a faculty advisor, and at the end, to write it all up as your honors thesis. The final responsibility to approve your honors thesis lies with your faculty advisor, and they need to clearly understand this.