Ways to Give

CHP Endowment

An endowment is a fund that is invested, and the proceeds of the investment are used to benefit the program. The CHP is building its endowment to help support the program in perpetuity. The goal is to be able to fund special opportunities for CHP students like attendance at scholarly conferences, research funding, study trips, and other special academic opportunities. This year the CHP is using the proceeds to send ten students to a regional honors conference to present their research.  Give Now!

CHP General Fund

The general fund helps the CHP provide the extra-curricular activities that make the program unique, such as Coffee Hour, tickets to music, dance, and theater events, the CHP retreat, study breaks during finals, the senior banquet, and more. Many of these activities are not covered by state funds; donations by alumni, parents and friends of the program help support events and programs that enhance the academic experience and help maintain a lively community of scholars.  Give Now!

Questions about giving?

If you would like more information about ways to give to the CHP, including planned giving, please contact:

Daniel Harper, Director of Development
Division of Undergraduate Education
(949) 824-2974


Thank you for your support of the CHP!

The success of our students is a tribute to the many people whose contributions have built and sustained the Campuswide Honors Program at UC Irvine.