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Requirements For Transfer Students

Thank you, transfer student, for your interest in the CHP! Our program admits transfer students in two ways:

  1. Honors to Honors

    Some entering transfer students are invited to the Campuswide Honors Program as part of the UCI admissions process through a program called Honors to Honors. Honors to Honors is a partnership with a group of community colleges, where the community college honors director may nominate outstanding honors students applying to UCI for special consideration for selection for the Campuswide Honors Program and for merit scholarships. A 3.7 GPA and successful completion of the community college honors program are required. (Please note that, once you have been admitted to UC Irvine as an Honors to Honors student, your final community college transcript must reflect successful completion of the community college honors program and a 3.7 overall GPA in order to remain in the Campuswide Honors Program and to retain the Regents' Scholarship.)

    For more information on Honors to Honors and general information on transfer student resources at UC Irvine, click here.

  2. By Application

    Transfer students to UCI are encouraged to apply in the summer before entering UCI, or no later than the end of 5th week of Winter Quarter of their first year at UCI. All applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5. (Please note that students who are admitted to the CHP often have GPAs higher than the minimum required for consideration.)

Instructions for Completing the Application for Transfer Students

  1. The Campuswide Honors Program is an academic program. Before applying, please read the transfer student requirements and the description of the CHP curriculum below and consider whether the CHP is a good fit for your academic plans.
  2. Obtain the application form by visiting the Honors Office or download one from this website.
  3. Answer each question thoroughly, preferably in a paragraph-length response. In question 1, the CHP core courses refer to those that are part of the CHP course requirements and not honors sequences in general or organic chemistry, the honors calculus courses, or those courses required by major-specific upper-division honors programs.
  4. Please submit a preliminary course plan to graduation along with your application, indicating how and when you propose to complete CHP requirements as well as major requirements. For information about how to develop a course plan, please see A signature by a school advisor is not required on the preliminary course plan at this time. Transfer students, if you are applying the summer before you enter UCI, please include transcripts from colleges other than UCI.
  5. Return your application to the CHP Office, either by hand or by mail. Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling, case-by-case basis.

As you answer the questions on the application, keep in mind that we are looking for a demonstrated passion for learning, a willingness to explore and take risks, and academic excellence in a broad range of disciplines, not just in the area of your major.

Complete the entire application and hand-deliver/mail to us with your community college/university transcript(s). The transcript can be unofficial, but must be complete and show final grades from all terms. The first question has two parts, the second of which asks which of the Honors Core Courses you propose to take. The CHP core courses available to upper classmen are Social Science Core and the Idiom and Practice of Science (see below for course descriptions).

The CHP Curriculum for Transfer Students

Honors to Honors

If you are admitted to the CHP as an Honors to Honors student (see above), you have already completed your community college's honors program with a 3.7 GPA or better. Therefore, your curriculum requirement for the CHP is two quarters of research and an approved honors thesis or creative project.

All other Transfer Students (Entering by Application)

If you have completed an approved community college honors program with a 3.5 GPA or better, your curriculum requirement for the CHP is a minimum of two quarters of research and an approved honors thesis or creative project.

If you have not completed an approved community college honors program with a 3.5 GPA or better, your curriculum requirement for the CHP is at least three CHP core courses, to be determined by the admissions committee, two quarters of research, and an approved honors thesis or creative project. The exact requirement will be determined by the admissions committee as part of the review of your application.

The CHP Core Courses

The CHP core course sequences are interdisciplinary in nature and often team-taught. They are designed to challenge students by exposing them to some of UCI's best and most exciting faculty, while introducing important topics, issues and methods of inquiry across disciplines.

The honors course sequences available to transfer and upper division students are:

  • Honors Social Science Core (Critical Issues in the Social Sciences).
    Offered as Social Sciences H1G-H1F-H1E. This year-long sequence is team-taught by professors from the Schools of Social Science and Social Ecology. The topics presented in this sequence are studied from the perspectives of various social science disciplines, including anthropology, cognitive sciences, economics, international studies, linguistics, political science, psychology, social ecology, and sociology. Sample topics have included authority, (dis)obedience and human society; decisions, compromises, and their rewards and penalties; human vision/perception, learning and memory; human language - how do we learn it and what is its effect on our acquisition of knowledge; and exotic societies (including our own). This core course is offered for 6 units each quarter.
  • Honors Science Core (The Idiom and Practice of Science).
    Offered as Biology, Chemistry, Earth System Sciences, or Physics H90. (Students must complete three of the four courses.) This year-long sequence for non-science majors gives students an understanding of the role science plays in addressing socially significant problems. Students develop the ability to understand scientific models and to judge the content, merit, and limitations of many issues of science in the modern world. Emphasis is placed upon the development of analytical and writing skills. Topics have included ozone depletion/global warming, earthquakes, biodiversity/conservation, genetic plant engineering, calculus and partial differential equations, evolution/aging, radiation/diseases, the mathematics of power, and the physics of music. This core course is offered for 4 units each quarter.

The CHP Research/Thesis Requirement

All CHP students participate in a minimum of two quarters of research. This experience culminates in the production of an honors thesis, creative project, or publication-quality paper. Most students actually end up spending 3 or more quarters on their research/thesis experience. How much will depend upon the discipline in which a student elects to do their research, the arrangements they make with their faculty mentors, and often, the nature of the project itself. Click here to view the CHP Research/Thesis and Senior Year Handbook.

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