Honors Program Board

The Campuswide Honors Board has a faculty representative from each of UCI’s schools. Members provide advice and approval of policies related to the honors curriculum, admissions, graduation requirements and other aspects of the program.

James O. Weatherall

Board Chair 2014-present
Professor of Logic & Philosophy of Science

Melanie Cocco

Board Chair 2012-2014
Professor of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Victoria Johnson

Board Chair 2011-2012
Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies

Ian Munro

Board Chair 2009-2011
Associate Professor of Drama

Carol Burke

Board Chair 2008-2009
Professor of English

David Camerini

Board Chair 2006-2007
Project Scientist with the Division of Infectious Diseases

Hu Ying

Board Chair 2005-2006
Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures