Frequently Asked Questions for Applicants to UC Irvine’s Fall 2019 Incoming Freshman Class

This information is for prospective freshmen (students who are seniors in high school). If you are a transfer student, please go to FAQs for Transfer Students for more information.

Do I need to apply to join the Campuswide Honors Program (CHP)?
Admission to the Campuswide Honors Program for incoming freshmen is by invitation. No additional application beyond the UC Irvine Admissions Application is necessary. Selection for incoming freshmen is based on your UC Irvine application.

How will I know if I am invited to join the CHP?
Incoming freshmen will receive an invitation letter from the CHP in the mail in the spring. Your selection for the CHP will also be indicated in your My Admission message center by a Campuswide Honors button on the right side of the page.

How do I maintain my eligibility for the CHP?
Your invitation to join the CHP is conditional upon admission to UC Irvine, and upon fulfillment of the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement before you begin classes in the fall.

I received an email in the fall of 2018 from UC Irvine about the honors program. Does this mean I have been selected to join the CHP?  
The email was sent to inform you and other outstanding students about the CHP and honors opportunities at UC Irvine, as you make your college decision. It was not an offer of admission to UCI nor an invitation to join the Campuswide Honors Program.

What if I am not invited to join the CHP, and would like to join?
If you are not invited to the CHP as an incoming freshman, consider applying to the program once you have become a UCI student. In order to be eligible to apply, you must have completed at least one quarter at UCI as a full-time student (a minimum of 12 units taken for a grade) with a GPA of 3.5 or better, and have completed the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement.  Many students enter the CHP through this application process. See the CHP Admissions page for further information.

Does your program have scholarships?
At UC Irvine, merit scholarships (including the Regents’ Scholarship) and financial aid are handled by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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