Frequently Asked Questions for UC Irvine’s Fall 2018 Incoming Transfer Class

How do I arrange for academic advising?

Academic advising is required of all incoming UCI transfer students in order to enroll in classes. You will be contacted by your school/major advising office about this requirement and are strongly encouraged to sign up for academic advising as soon as possible. Afterwards, you will be able to enroll in fall quarter classes.

In addition, the CHP will hold a required special advising session for honors transfer students in July. CHP summer advising is required in order to continue with the CHP. More information about the mandatory CHP summer advising session will be emailed in early June.

More information will be emailed to you from UCI, your school/major, and the CHP regarding how to sign up for academic advising and summer orientation.

In order to arrange for optional summer orientation such as mini Transfer Student Parent Orientation (mini-TSPOP) and Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (TSPOP), please review the information on the UCI Orientation website. We strongly encourage you to visit the UCI Transfer Pre-Orientation Website (TPOW) to learn more about important UCI requirements, information, and resources.

When do I register for my fall classes?

Students are eligible to register for fall classes after they have completed summer advising. Most CHP transfer students will register for fall classes after they have completed mandatory academic advising by the school of their major. You will learn HOW to register for UCI classes during summer advising.

All CHP transfer students must receive CHP-specific advising in addition to required advising from your school/major.

What honors courses will I have to take as a CHP student?

Honors to Honors transfer students are required to complete one CHP course in their first year at UCI.

Most CHP transfer students complete this requirement by enrolling in a CHP seminar. A tentative list of the CHP seminars that will be offered in 2018-19 can be found online at In addition to these options, CHP transfer students may choose to complete one quarter of Honors Social Science Core or Honors Science Core (non-science majors only) to meet this requirement.

Honors transfer students who have been admitted to the CHP by application are required to take at least one of the three-quarter CHP core course sequences—Honors Social Science Core or Honors Science Core (non-science majors only)—which are 3 quarters long.

In addition, all CHP students complete honors research and a thesis.

For more information about the requirements to complete the CHP see

How do I change my major this summer?

Transfer students interested in changing their major can send a request to the Office of Admissions over the summer using the change of major tool within your MyAdmission portal to make your request. Please note that approvals depend on whether you qualify for the new major, and if the new major is accepting major changes.

If you wish to add a second major or a minor, you should talk to your school/major academic counselor during summer advising so that they can help you get started with the right courses in the fall.

Changing majors does not affect your status with the Campuswide Honors Program.


How can I attend UCI’s Summer Session?

All entering students are automatically sent a preview of summer session courses in late spring. Over 400 courses are offered in the six- and ten-week sessions. Summer Session courses may be used to satisfy various University, GE, and major requirements. During the summer, intensive language courses fulfilling a year’s language requirement are also offered. Coursework taken at UCI Summer Session will be recorded on your UCI transcript. For further information, contact the UCI Summer Session Office, (949) 824-5493;;

Incoming CHP students who are interested in enrolling in UCI Summer Session prior to their first quarter at UCI should consult with an academic advisor and with the CHP about which class(es) to enroll in.


What is the deadline for UCI to receive my transcripts and test scores?

Final transcripts are due to the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools by July 1. This deadline applies to transfer admitted students who have chosen to accept UCI’s offer of admission AND have submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) form.

Final test scores are due to the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools by July 15.

Transcripts of summer session 2018 courses must arrive no later than September 15.


How do I finish on time?

Ninety percent of all students in the CHP graduate on time. Those students who graduate later often choose to remain enrolled at UCI for an extra quarter or year in order to further enrich their education and experience by engaging in extra academic and co-curricular activities (such as research) in preparation for life after college.

One way that the CHP helps honors transfer students finish on time is through personalized advising and the drafting of a course plan during Fall quarter. This course plan indicates all the classes that students intend to take to meet CHP, school/major, and research/thesis requirements. Although subject to change, this plan encourages students to focus on both short term and long term planning and goals. Once students have drafted their initial plan, they will also discuss it with their school honors counselor.