Jason Low – Class of 1996

jason-low Alumnus Jason Low (’96 B.S., Chemistry and Biological Sciences; ’01 Ph.D., Chemistry) is the CHP’s very own environmental watchdog, making sure that air quality is tracked in greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Jason works as the Assistant Deputy Executive Officer of the Monitoring and Analysis Division for Science & Technology Advancement at the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), managing a network of over 40 air monitoring stations. This Division is also responsible for innovative work conducted by AQ-Spec and the advanced remote measurement programs.

Jason discovered the multifaceted field of environmental science while in the CHP. As a sophomore, then CHP Associate Director Audrey DeVore encouraged him to apply for an internship through the McNair Star program, which led him to undergraduate research in atmospheric chemistry and eventually an honors thesis in that area. He found inspiration from Professors Darin Toohey and Barbara Finlayson-Pitts, whose “energy and knowledge were very electrifying and contagious and made me excited to learn more and also to pursue that field (atmospheric chemistry).” He also values the breadth acquired through Humanities Core Course and Social Science Core, stating that the CHP core courses “supplemented my technical background and provided me with a balanced perspective, which has been invaluable in my more public technical role for work.”

Jason has fond memories of “the amazing fellow CHPers.” He was one of the early occupants of Arroyo Vista House 1002, and really enjoyed CHP activities and events, including Coffee Hour, an all-night Highlander marathon, study groups, Wayzgoose, and attending UCI drama productions. Although he laughs that “this dates me,” he confesses to having spent “way too much time in the computer lab” while at UCI, exploring the new technology of the internet and interacting with friends via the then new technology of email.

Jason has also been heavily involved in the CHP alumni community. He is a former President of the CHP’s Alumni Board and has served on the Alumni Board for over ten years.