Sara Huber – Class of 2006

sara huber CHP alumna Sara Huber (’06 B.S. Civil Engineering) “wants to make a quantitative difference in the world. STEM are my tools that enable me be an artist/actor of sustainability and change.” Sara credits the CHP thesis project for helping her to test and refine her career focus, while finding creative ways to collaborate across disciplines. After leaving UCI, she pursued a Masters degree in International Water Law in Scotland. Sara calls this choice, “the best decision of my life” because as one of three North Americans, and only a handful of STEM trained persons, the experience forced her outside of her comfort zone – academically and culturally.

After her year abroad, Sara began working as an environmental consultant. Day-to-day she spends a lot of time in front of the computer writing reports and analyzing data, but every winter she looks forward to storm season. “It’s all hands on deck” with unglamorous, long hours and even a little physical misery at times, but the field work usually results in the BEST stories. “I help test the health of the rivers, lakes, streams and beaches across Southern California,” which helps Sara customize green infrastructure designs that sustainably address local environmental issues. Sara gets to walk her talk every day.

For current CHP students, Sara advises, “Get your nose out of the books and off social media… Enjoy the UCI/CHP experience to the max.” Since entering the work force, she deeply misses the close community of CHPers. Senior year, Sara pushed herself to join Genevieve Brown (‘06) in taking an elective social dance class. Years later, those dance skills led to Sara being dubbed the Ambassador of Fun by her peers — and she continues to enjoy tearing up dance floors across the globe.