Nhu Vuong – Class of 2005

nhuvuong I graduated in June of 2005, just a short year ago, after which my career brought me out of Southern California into the Silicon Valley. I have been working at Google as a software engineer for about 10 months, grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the best engineers in the world and for the chance to constantly see new things and be presented with new challenges.

My fondest memories of the CHP are of living in the dorms with fellow CHPers. Somewhere in between staying up late to finish Humanities Core papers and toasting marshmallows at the CHP beach bonfires, I forged friendships with some of the most talented and driven people I have met in my life. Their support and shared dedication to excellence inspired me to dream big and work hard. I think that just being in that kind of environment really helped me accomplish what I was able to. Many of the activities and projects together helped me grow as an individual and prepare me for my future career.

For example, my CHP undergraduate thesis, a documentary on women in technology, was co-produced with Stephanie Wong and inspired by our mutual interest in film combined with our experiences as women studying computer science. Our research helped us better understand women in the technological field and led us to a Google women’s recruiting event, eventually resulting in employment for both of us several months later. I also participated in an ICS business competition for two years with a team comprised of CHP classmates I lived with during freshman year (Shawn Shah, Shuli Cheng and Jason Kim). Some of my favorite memories of college are of us drafting our business plans over pizza late in the evening, just hours before our deadlines. It was these memories of working with brilliant, creative and friendly classmates that really defined my college experience and made it fun, fulfilling and worthwhile.

Today, I still keep in touch with many of them, particularly those in the Bay Area, including Shawn (currently an engineer at Yahoo), Jason (currently an engineer at Pixar) and Stephanie (a fellow colleague at Google).

In my spare time, I like to read, work out and hang out with friends. In July of 2006, I will be traveling to London to work for a month, getting a new group of employees up to speed on my project at Google.